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Corporate Video Production Made Easy

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Corporate Video Production Made Easy

We are a Full-Service Video Production Company that’s simplified the production and editing process, resulting in quick turnaround times. So whether you need a video to enhance your virtual storefront, creating corporate training videos, or need a creative post-production team to level up your internal videos, give us a call. In today’s oversaturated world, people don’t have time, or the attention span, to read through long lists of text and are annoyed with pop-up ads. Instead, they prefer to watch videos in order to learn through infotainment.

In fact, mobile video consumption continues to rise 100% year over year! So, no matter if you’re a Texas based business that is need of corporate, commercial, business videography, real estate, or any type of event or drone videography. We have the team that can help make your vision a reality. If you’re not creating video content for your potential customers, then you’re limiting your ability to reach them and tell your story.

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Some of our best Corporate Videos

MyVitalC - Product Video
MyVitalC – Product Video
Neal Hamil Agency Video | EWR Digital Production
Neal Hamil Agency – Promotional Video
Baker Signs About Us Video
Baker Signs – About Us Video

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Business Video Production

Why Videography Matters

Corporate video productions and viewership is on the rise, and more and more business executives are starting to consider videos as a necessity in their marketing plan, also well as their day-to-day operations. Now in today’s post COVID-19 world, it’s incredibly important to get your message out and every second counts. Storytelling is the activity of sharing stories on a social or cultural level to connect as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation or transmitting a value system. Videography should be your primary means. In fact, Video consumption big on the internet, and has been climbing exponentially and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Cisco predicts online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022 — 15x higher than it was in 2017!

In fact, 70% of marketers say that video is responsible for more conversions than any other type of content! Our corporate video production helps grow helps your brand and business thrive. Call today for a free video consultation.

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Portfolio Videos

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About Us Videos

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Tutorial Videos

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Client Testimonial Videos

Client Video Project

Case Study – Social Media Video

Videography Case Study - Elite MMA - EWR Digital
Client Video Project

Case Study – Social Media Video

Our Award-winning videography work with Houston based, Elite MMA is a top mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility in the greater Houston area with five locations. Experts in the instruction of jiu-jitsu (also known as the “gentle art”), Elite MMA offers a range of classes such as self-defense, Muay Thai, and kick-boxing in a fun positive environment.

Elite MMA was already utilizing EWR Digital for web design and SEO services and then they came with a request to produce a short video for a social ad campaign that would great a big impact during the most important part of the year for attracting new enrollments.

The client requested that our team write the script, video produced and edited specifically for the facebook platform. MMA wanted the video to feature the core service offering of the brand but really focus on the overall social, physical and self-defense benefits of Mixed Martial Arts outside of competitive fighting. Check out how this project grew their business!

Award-Winning Video Production Company

Impress Your Customers with Videos

Cinematic videos, footage and short films are the most engaging formats for informing your audience and telling your story. In addition, they raise the professionalism of your entire brand and create positive ROI beyond what static ads could ever do. Isn’t it time that you engage a top Houston based video production and editing service for your business?

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Video Production Re-Imagined

How Successful Video Production Footage Works

Our eyes are drawn to movement. It’s a scientifically researched fact. So, when you utilize the cinematic movement of video you’ll grab more attention than you would with a traditional marketing piece. However, grabbing attention is only the start. A successful video also entertains and educates the viewer. Doing so, ensures the viewer will continue watching the video to its completion. No other medium can generate the attention and awareness that video provides. It is important to remember that your company’s brand must be embedded in the message.

By branding your company throughout the video, anyone viewing it will know what makes your company unique compared to the competition.

Having a Purpose

Not all corporate videos serve the same purpose and should not all be the same. Consider the intention. It could be to gain a new customer or to recruit new employees. Videos could be made to promote or sell new product or service, or just to increase brand awareness and raise the company’s profile in the market place.

Think about what your corporate video’s purpose is and develop a plan.

Appealing to Emotions

This concept has is crucial producing a great video. 95% of all decisions are emotionally based, though we like to believe we are rational beings. Most corporate videos recite facts, figures or maybe some features, and benefits. While this may be good information, if you really want to connect with your target audience you have to reach them on an emotional level throughout your video.

Our expert corporate videography team can help make your vision come to life!

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Video Strategy

Every type of video shoot requires a different strategy. Your videographer will work with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and then coordinates everything so the shoot will be a success.
Video Shoot - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital

Video Shoot

Shooting video and short fims is a mixture of leadership and adaptability. Your videographer or photographer will guide you during the shoot and make adjustments as needed.
Videography - EWR Digital
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Video Editing

Proper editing takes a well shot video and transforms it into something magical. During our in studio video editing and production phase you’ll get to see how everything is pulled together to create a remarkable and cinematic experience for the viewer.
Video Publishing - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital

Video Publishing

An amazing video is only successful if others see your work. So, we will help you publish your video on your website and social media platforms and do Video SEO Marketing so that your investment is realized.
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EWR Digital Video Sales Deck

EWR Digital Video Sales Deck
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EWR Digital Video Sales Deck

The Cinematic Difference

Purpose of Your Corporate Video

The core purpose of the corporate video is to be an asset for the corporation in driving business value through effective communication and presentation. Ultimately, the goal is to increase revenues or lower overall business customer acquisition costs by creating a video that communicates meaningful information about your business to your target audience.

By augmenting traditional communication channels such as in-person verbal presentations, panel discussions, company literature, or power point presentations; corporate video is an investment in ensuring a company’s most critical communications are done in the best way possible. There are a variety of different videos. So, regardless of what you want to show to your customers, you’ll be covered.

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About Us

Give people a deeper understanding of who is behind your product or service, allowing you to create a stronger bond with your potential customers and develop a loyal online audience.
Client Testimonial - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital

Client Testimonial

Business testimonial videos allow users go behind the scenes, talk about the customer and buying experience or highlight a brand’s unique personality. This is the most powerful and engaging way to keep visitors on your website longer and increase the chances they will make a purchase.
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Showcase your company’s unique talents and competencies through displaying your past work if video format. Consider creating drone footage to make a breathtaking video experience.
Commercial - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital


Move your customer through the online sales funnel through video engagement. These have a quick run time, which is perfect for TV or Youtube ads to deliver your elevator pitch or targeted message for a user expereince like no other.
Location - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital


Legitimize your business and help potential customers know what to expect when they meet you. It’s an excellent way to show off or let people know where your business is located.
VBlog - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital


Turn your top blog into an authoritative piece that gets more eyeballs, create dynamic content that Google loves, and establish your company as an authority in your space. ProTip: This is a top SEO strategy in 2020.
Client Testimonial - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital

Video Tutorial

Education customers about a particular topic, product or service. This can come in many different forms: Animated, Live Action, Whiteboard, Spokesperson. Known as an “Explainer” or “How To” videos.

Product Showcasing - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital

Product Showcasing

Differentiate your product or service with a short video while engaging the senses, and heightening desire. You can even ship us your product and we’ll shoot and edit it in our studio.

FAQ - Corporate Videography Icon - EWR Digital


Excellent way to answer commonly asked questions and build rapport with customers. It also has the added advantage of taking the load off your customer service department. We have also seen a rise in internal communications videos initiated by the executive teams, HR, or departmental managers – really anyone that wants to make sure they’re clearly communicating company policies and procedures.

Top Corporate Video Production Company

Reasons for Corporate Video Production

A corporate video is a video produced by a business or organization. It is used to promote or raise awareness of a company’s brand or corporate videos can be used in a business environment and can serve many different purposes. Showcase your company’s assets, greats achievements or awards, and include brand design, color schemes, logos, etc that are recognizable by anyone familiar with your company viewing your video.
  1. Training, instructional, and safety videos
  2. Investor presentations
  3. New product or service demonstrations
  4. Client and customer testimonial videos
  5. Event or activity event summaries
  6. Business event overviews
  7. Interviews with company leaders
  8. Company recruiting videos
John Ofield - ROSI Office Systems INC. | EWR Digital Testimonial

Why corporate videos are needed in the business world?

Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. Corporate videos will be indexed by Google, which could help boost your SEO. Through the advent of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social sharing as exploded. Sharing online or through email, corporate videos can be shared quickly and easily.

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Videography Company Services FAQ

What is the business case for corporate video?

Making a business case for the investment in a corporate video all comes down to measuring the estimated ROI. Understanding this will be a key factor in developing the business case to move forward on the project.

Given videos can be largely a subjective sales and marketing message for your prospects, sometimes it can be difficult to measure the specific ROI of a single video, especially those used internally or branding videos. However, if you can accurately predict some elements of ROI or look at case studies for other companies in your industry, you’ll be able to prepare a business case for your executive team members to sign off on.

What does corporate videography cost in 2021?

We bill by project or by hours. It will really depend on what your needs are as we have different rates for live and onsite shoot vs in studio editing. Typical projects will cost from $2500-$10,000+ dollars, but most projcts fall somewhere around the $5K mark.However, ever companies needs are different so reach out to use to setup a consultation. (Note: We do not do weddings and our videos are produced with the intent to support SEO and branding efforts.) We also do provide Youtube, Facebook and Video SEO services.

What is the corporate video production process?

Corporate video production typically flows in a step-by-step process:


  • Pre-production: Developing a budget, brainstorming a concept, and writing a script.
  • Production: Once a style is determined, a storyboard is created to layout the scene by scene.
  • Live Action: Live action videos typically include setting a shoot location and filming with a professional camera equipment & lighting.
  • Post-Production: Production for videos include developing illustrations and voiceover assets based on the pre-determined style, storyboard, and then animating in After Effects.
  • Post-production: Once the corporate video is created, the post-production phase includes any editing required, adding the finishing touches and sound.

How long does a video shoot take?

It depends on the type of video you’re getting. Most shoots take a minimum of 4 hours, while some may take upwards of 8 hours.

What do I need to do to ensure the shoot goes smoothly?

Your videographer will coordinate with you before your shoot to let you know what they will need, since different video types have different requirements.

Looking for the best video production services near you?

We have hone our skills when is company to business videography and SEO. Every companies needs are different. Give us a call to start a conversation and feel free to Check out more of our portfolio here

Fun fact about the first corporate video ever made?

The First Corporate Video Ever Made
The first “corporate video” was created in 1941, 60 years after the invention of the motion picture. It was produced by the Bulova Watch company who spent $9 to have the short 15-second video placed on TV during the 1941 World Series.

While only reaching 4,000 people who had TV sets at the time, this advertisement sparked what now is a multi-billion dollar commercial video industry!

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