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Build your brand mania | EWR Digital

Rise of the Personal Brand

The immense impact social media has on our personal and professional lives today gives rise in an unprecedented way to the importance of personal branding.

Every move online is broadcasted, tracked and evaluated by others. This leads to increased social pressure, but opens a door to unique branding opportunities for the few with the courage to put themselves on display.

This is a collection of real stories from some of Houston’s top influencers, entrepreneurs and small business owners and how their brands and businesses are built.

The hope and vision of the book is to share encouragement for entrepreneurs building their brands and to benefit from the combined knowledge and experiences shared.

Build your brand mania | EWR Digital

Build Your Brand Mania

The missing piece of internet marketing that almost all business owners miss is transforming themselves into an authoritative brand that attracts their ideal customers.

Yes, traffic is very important for getting your prospects to find you online. However, most social psychologists would agree the secret sauce for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople is being chosen over your competition is to be viewed as a “Trusted Advisor”.

In this book, Matt Bertram reveals tactics and strategies to quickly build authority and create “trusted advisor status” in your market to dramatically gain mindshare with your prospects as well as increase your web presence, dominate your niche, and generate more leads online than ever before!

Build your brand mania | EWR Digital

Ultimate Guide to Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO incorporates the common strategies of basic SEO. However, it goes a step further.

At a broad level, enterprise SEO does this by tieing together the goals of marketing, web development, user experience, and branding departments. Besides uniting the common goals of these departments, SEO also focuses on page template creation. Through this, SEO strategies can deploy semi-automated on-page SEO.

Simply provide us your name and email and we’ll send the guide over.

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Google Resources

Our research and experience have led us to discover some of the best internet marketing strategies out there. We’ve learned them, we’ve tested them, and we’ve prescribed them for our clients.

Here at EWR Digital, we believe that knowledge should be shared, which is why we’ve created this page just for you.

Here you’ll discover tools and resources for better SEO.

Google Analytics

This tops the list of our favorite SEO tools. It’s the go-to tool for internet marketing, and we can’t live without it. Wanna understand your audience better? This tool will help you do it. Get detailed data on activity on your website, including:

  • site visits
  • traffic details
  • and so much more

Learn more about Google Analytics:

Google Search Console

Take a look at how your site appears in search and learn how to influence different appearance elements and improve HTML.

Pull data from the past 90 days on devices, site errors, countries, pages, top search queries, and more.

This data helps you determine who is accessing your site, when, where, and on what devices, as well as which pages are most popular.

Learn more about Google Search Console:

Google Webmaster Tools

Google is just packed full of awesome tools to help your business. Webmaster Tools is yet another powerful piece in the Google arsenal. Learn how to make and keep your website healthy and Google-friendly.

  • Check your site for potential issues found by Google.
  • Better understand your search traffic and learn how people are finding you.
  • Optimize your site to help Google better understand and represent it.

Learn more about Webmaster Tools:

Google Adwords – Keyword Planner

As an AdWords tool, the Keyword Planner makes keyword research super easy and efficient. Quickly delve into data on search traffic, discover new keyword ideas, and more.

  • Search for new keyword and group ideas
  • Get search volume for a list of keywords/group them into ad groups
  • Get traffic estimates for keywords
  • Multiply keywords lists to get new keyword ideas

Learn more about Keyword Planner:


There’s a lot of information out there, and MozBar gets you the information you need most – fast. With one glance at the MozBar, you can access:

  • Link metrics
  • Page overlay
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority scores

Learn more about Mozbar:

Google Data Studio

Visualize all your data in one place, in an easy-to-read, easily shareable format. Google Data Studio allows you to easily visualize integrated data from:

  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube
  • Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Google Spreadsheets

Learn more about Google Data Studio: