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Creativity Meets Innovation

Full-Service Web Design Agency

We can create a beautifully responsive custom website for your company that will jump start your leads and get you rising in the rankings in no time! As a full-service digital agency, we have national capabilities across web design and development, marketing, graphic design, and branding. We create digital experiences for the new world.

Whether it’s to provide better customer support, sell products or promote your business’ brand, allow our web design team to bring your company front and center. Your website is the digital equivalent of walking into a physical storefront and showroom. And just like your brick and mortar location, it needs to impress customers and increase the chances they’ll purchase from you.

Now with no roads or sidewalks to easily increase foot traffic into your business, especially after COVID-19. Instead, you have to rely on customers finding you through search, paid ads, or social media marketing. This is why it’s critical to have real estate and videos along the information superhighway as well as work with a web design agency that understands the importance of creating a customer experience online.

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How a Custom Website can Help your Business Grow

Over 90% CMO’s say that a responsive business website is essential for company’s success. Visitors come to your website with a purpose whether it is to know, go, do or buy something and it’s your website’s job to help them accomplish that purpose in that micro-moment. When your hire a web design agency, from the wide selection of web design companies out there, it’s important they have the knowledge and skills to successfully inform and guide customers to take action, which will increase your lead volume and the must understand SEO at a high level. Trust us, not all web design services and web design companies are equal and conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not as simple as it sounds. We have a award-winning web design team with experienced seo strategists that can help you get to the next level.

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Website Strategy

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Website SEO

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Website Development

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Website Design

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Trusted marketing experts

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Client Project

Case Study – Website Design

Web Design Case - EWR Digital
Client Project

Case Study – Website Design

Silver Sycamore came to us, after spending a significant amount of money on a responsive website. It actually had won an award for best web design with their old webiste, however it did not have good functionality and was confusing for customers and did not have SEO in mind. So, they asked us to help them a new imagine a website that combine their coffee shop, wedding venture, and air b&b properties based on their vision, branding, and marketing goals. View more about this client project and other projects in our WordPress portfolio gallary.

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Create a Responsive Website that Generates Leads

EWR Digital aims to help our clients generate more revenue through SEO driven web design. Our award-winning design team and marketing professionals will take the time to understand your needs and work to make your vision a reality. Contact EWR Digital today to learn more about this and our other managed services.

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How a Successful Website is Built

Your professional web design team need to understand the goal of the website is not to be a digital brochure, but a lead generating funnel. It needs to entice customers to visit, to explore, and to ultimately take action. However, it’s not as simple as throwing up some beautiful graphics and a snazzy headline. A successful website combines inspiration with great visuals, enticing copy, an intuitive user experience with solid technical elements.

Bringing all those custom web design elements of html, css, and JavaScript together successfully is a challenge, but over the years we’ve perfected our web design process that not only gives you a website you love, at a affordable price, but one that converts visitors into customers.

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Content Strategy

Web design encompasses different skillls and disciplines and many different moving parts to work together in unison. In order to ensure content layout is optimal, we must first develop plan to coincide with the customer journey.
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Website Hierarchy

The content and menu structure on your website has a significant impact on how Google ranks you for certain keywords. Without proper Website SEO you’ll never reach the top rankings.

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Website Development

Don’t be fooled by services that say anyone can build a website. While that may be technically true, you need an expert if you don’t want to want your website to function correctly and not constantly break from email to custom CSS coding. (Most websites are exterior houses built with no plumbing or electrical.) SEO minded web developers are key.
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Web Graphic Design

Guiding visitors to the action you want them to take requires great interface design. In fact, the design process of a website has a significant impact on how well it can successfully convert visitors into customers. It also much take into consideration your logo and all company brand guidelines.
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What you Get in our Website Packages

Your website should help you accomplish your goals. Building successful websites requires many components to function together as one no matter if it’s WordPress, Shopify, or even Hubspot. Do you need a e-commerce shopping cart, or perhaps a backend user interface through a portal? Maybe you are looking for cloud hosting options? Whatever your needs are we got you covered
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Website Strategy

In order to ensure your website is found and converts visitors, we work with you to develop the strategy that will define your entire website structure and all the components that will be involved with your project.

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Website Functionality

Every website has unique features and functionality, which is why we work with you to ensure your website operates the way it needs to such as a e-commerce solution, email or lead scoring.
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Website SEO Optimization

We believe SEO minded web design is the best way to generate leads online, so we ensure your website is properly optimized for it. This included services from cloud hosting options to rich snippets and structured data.
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Since content is the cornerstone of great SEO, your wireframes help you understand how the content and menu will be laid out in order to maximize SEO and conversions.
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Web Design

Not only do you need great graphic design to get your website and business to the next level. Proper website structure is essential if you want a stable website that doesn’t crash all the time.

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Mockups help you visualize the final look and feel of your website. In addition, mockups allow you to address any issues you may see before the website is launched.
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User Experience Design

Your website will be designed to move visitors through your website so they take the action you want them to. How you design your marketing a customer experience is paramount.
Proper Sitemap - Web Design Icon - EWR Digital

Proper Sitemap

Your website’s sitemap may seem insignificant to you and your visitors, but it’s essential for Google to understand your website from XML sitemaps for text, images, and videos.
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Web Design Company Services FAQ

How to select the right Web Design partnership?

Partner with a Top-Rated Houston Based Digital Agency Your website is at the heart of your online branding efforts. It brings every aspect of your business together on the Web. It helps you manage and share your content and thought leadership more efficiently. Website Design undoubtedly helps you improve your company’s image and build rapport with your audience. It’s the first place you should start, whether you’re changing your brand image or launching a new product or service. We have not only launched a number of new businesses successfully, we have grown other companies from a small player in the Houston market to the undisputed market leader. We can do the same for you with the right planning and proper roadmap.

How long will it take for my website to be built?

Most website builds take 2 – 3 months. However, the size and functionality of your new website impacts the timeline.

What does Web Design cost in 2021?

Imagine, all the benefits of a large PR agency at a fraction of the cost. Projects range for $4500 of a mini-site to $25,000+. (We have done projects in the 6 figures as well). However, most websites typical will falling in the $12,000-$17,000 range if you are not needing ongoing SEO or any fancy customization. We’re not the cheapest option, but for the quality of what you get and level of understanding in SEO when we build a website, there is no better value available in the great state of Texas or beyond!

Will my website be SEO optimized?

Yes! Before we launch your website we’ll make sure everything has been properly formatted for SEO. Titles, tags, meta descriptions, etc are all things we check before a website goes live.

Will my website be mobile optimized?

Yes! Having a mobile optimized website is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s essential. We’ll ensure your website looks great and loads fast regardless of what device a visitor is viewing it from.

Our case study for Silver Sycamore shows how we can make your website look amazing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Do I own my website after it has been built?

Yes. You own your website and all content for the website once the project has been paid in full. We do have financing options available.

Do I have to host my website with you?

No. You are free to host your website with any hosting provider. However, we do offer a number of different hosting options such has cloud hosting for enterprise businesses on AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

The only exception is if you finance your website with us. If you finance your website with us, your website must be hosted by us until the project has been paid in full. We also have cloud hosting options available here: eWebResults Hosting

Do you build e-commerce websites?

Yes! We know the unique challenges you face as an e-Commerce businesses, so rest assured we’ll create a website that not only looks great, it provides an amazing shopping experience as well.

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