The Story of Bitwallet

Learn how our digital marketing agency assisted Bitwallet, a Houston-based blockchain digital asset wallet provider, in creating a brand, logo, and website. We provide ongoing graphic and web design, and social media marketing services to enhance their online presence. 

An amazing product only gets you so far — which is why BitWallet came to us to help them with crypto marketing.

To start, we helped BitWallet establish their brand guide standards and website. Since then we’ve designed their business plan, sales book, sticker, app store images, and business cards. We’ve also created informational videos and social graphics.

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Client Goals

BitWallet had two main goals — secure funding and grow their platform.

Services Utilized

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BitWallet has raised over $3 million since working with EWR Digital.

The BitWallet Brand Guide we developed also won an AMA Crystal Award for best Brand Guide.