Case Study – Corporate Identity


Hestia is a rapidly growing, full-service, home remodeling firm intent on revolutionizing the way homeowners view contractors in the construction and home remodeling space.

As Hestia started to look at expanding their business beyond Houston, the founders realized the current brand would need a substantial upgrade.

Hestia came to EWR Digital needing a modern brand transformation that not only looked professional, but one that would establish a foundational platform that would make expansion efforts a success story. 


In order to create a newly-enhance brand for Hestia, much like any home improvement project, we worked with the founders to set a variety of objectives:

  • Understand remodel customer motivations and reasons for choosing Hestia
  • Design a brand that would reflect Hestia’s core values and resonate with their customers
  • Help Hestia grow their business to additional cities throughout Texas
  • Provide Hestia with brand architecture that would translate to marketing touchpoints in order to successfully roll out their new brand in a timely manner

Strategy & Tactics

We started by learning more about Hestia’s customers. We accomplished this by reaching out to current and past customers with a survey. The survey helped us identify why customers choose Hestia, how they would describe Hestia to others, and what they valued most about the company.

Armed with this knowledge we went to the founders to ask if the feedback from customers aligned with the values they were wanting to present with their brand. During this conversation, we identified overlaps and used that information to inform the development of the logo.

Once the logo was developed, we created a Brand Guide so we could detail the foundational elements of the brand. This guide was then utilized to design new business cards, company shirts, and sales materials. We coordinated the development of these materials with a brand launch party where Hestia was able to reveal their new brand to their customers, friends, and business partners.

Finally, we then worked with Hestia to develop additional marketing materials that could be easily scaled as they opened up new locations.

Message Alignment

By first focusing on the customers of the client, we ensured the brand would resonate with Hestia’s target audience. Getting customer feedback eliminated any potential bias from anecdotal observations and helped better articulate the founders’ vision of their brand particularly where perception and research most overlapped.

We learned that many of Hestia’s customers valued service and trustworthiness over price and turnaround times. This meant the new brand needed to instantly convey a sense of trust and stability. The columns forming the ‘H’ in the logo convey this strength, while the curvature of the laurel presents a sense of peace and trustworthiness. 

We also carried these design elements into the sales materials as well. The typefaces Quattrocento and Quicksand were chosen for their soft points on each character. These typefaces along with the use of whites and teals convey a calming tone not often associated with home construction. Because of this, Hestia’s sales materials are instantly recognizable and stand out in an oversaturated market.


The process of focusing on customers guided us and Hestia’s founders to better understand the decisions customers made when hiring the firm. Development of the re-brand itself went smoothly and the project was completed on time.

Within one-week Hestia’s website, business cards, apparel, and marketing materials were transitioned over to the new brand look in time for a launch party, where the new branding was introduced with much fanfare and our agency honored.   

All key marketing materials important for the expansion effort were delivered in time for the near-simultaneous grand openings in several new markets. With each expansion, the flexible marketing materials were able to be updated within 1 – 2 business days so the team in the new city had relevant materials in hand.