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Upcity Digital Awards: Top SEO Agencies: EWR Digital
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How Does Digital Marketing Help My SaaS Business?

Finding customers for your SaaS business can be daunting. Digital marketing helps at each step of the sales funnel, narrowing that large audience to qualified leads and to customers. It also helps you retain those customers long term. Digital marketing encompasses a variety of strategies and tactics; a SaaS marketing company such as EWR Digital can partner with your company to develop those strategies and implement those tactics.

Stop Struggling to Market Your SaaS Business

Leaders in the SaaS industry use a combination of marketing channels to generate leads and win customers. Their Search Marketing (SEO & PPC) strategies are integrated with their websites and are branded consistently using photography, videography, and integrated messaging. Your company can also do this, even if your marketing budget is a fraction of theirs. EWR Digital has the tools, skills, and experience to start your marketing plan today.

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Position Your SaaS Business at the Top of the Google Search Results

What type of SaaS (Software as a Service) company are you looking to find exploring marketing for?:

  1. Productivity and Collaboration: These SaaS companies offer tools that help teams work together more efficiently, such as project management software, team communication platforms, and online document collaboration tools.
  2. Marketing Automation: These SaaS companies provide software that automates repetitive marketing tasks, such as email marketing, social media management, and lead generation.
  3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): These SaaS companies offer software that helps businesses manage customer data, interactions, and sales processes, such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive.
  4. Human Resources Management: These SaaS companies offer software that helps companies manage employee data, recruitment, benefits, and performance management.
  5. Business Intelligence: These SaaS companies provide software that helps businesses analyze data and make better data-driven decisions, such as Tableau, Looker, and Power BI.
  6. E-commerce Platforms: These SaaS companies offer software that helps businesses create and manage online stores, such as WooCommerice, Shopify and BigCommerce.
  7. Security and Compliance: These SaaS companies offer software that helps companies protect their data and comply with industry regulations, such as cybersecurity tools and compliance management software.
  8. IT Operations: These SaaS companies offer software that helps businesses manage IT infrastructure and services, such as cloud-based storage, virtualization and network monitoring.
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The Premier Marketing Service for SaaS Companies

EWR Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in SaaS companies. We understand the industry, as well as the marketing environment. We focus on overall marketing strategy, along with channels such as SEO, web design and development, videography, branding, and paid media.



In the SaaS industry, the primary goal of marketing is to build awareness of your company’s offerings in order to generate leads, schedule demos, win customers, and retain those customers over the long term. None of this can occur without a marketing strategy. At EWR Digital, we will develop an integrated digital marketing strategy customized for your company that encompasses multiple channels and allows your potential customer base to make an informed decision.



The SEO team at EWR Digital are experts in planning and implementing a holistic SEO strategy, including setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs); executing a keyword, link building, and content strategy; analyzing your competitors’ online presence; and constantly optimizing the SEO plan to maximize return on investment.



An SEO strategy is no good without strong web design and development. The professionals at EWR Digital will audit your existing website and implement any needed improvements in design, usability, functionality, maintenance, and most importantly, lead generation. Many of these improvements can also be automated, freeing up your staff’s time to better serve your customers.



In the internet age, there are more paid media options than ever before. Today, you can target your ideal customer and optimize your advertising spend to reach more people, more efficiently — often with one click of a mouse. EWR Digital employs programmatic and retargeting practices across platforms, such as streaming television and radio, online display ads, paid search/SEO, and paid social media, to put your message in front of the right audience at the right time. Constant testing and optimizing of those messages ensures efficient spend and improved ROI.

  • Omni-Channel PPC Advertisting
  • Google Local Ads
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Landing Pages


Branding is what ties everything together. From your logo to your color palette to your key messaging, every element of your digital marketing strategy should consistently reflect your brand. This builds familiarity and trust with your customers that can ultimately result in a confident purchase decision. At EWR Digital, we will construct a brand foundation on which your company can communicate with both your current and future clients.



Today, videography is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. From YouTube to TikTok, your customers are viewing more and more videos and have come to expect them from the companies with which they do business. EWR Digital can integrate video not only into your website but also throughout your online presence and sales material in order to better tell your compelling story to your customers and prospects.

  • Full Scale Video Productions
  • Social Videos
  • On-Demand Video Editing

Build a Better ROI With SaaS Digital Marketing

In short, digital marketing allows you to better track and manage your marketing efforts, which leads to a higher ROI and MRR with a strong SaaS Marketing Agency. A well-formulated, well-executed, and optimized digital marketing strategy will ensure your marketing dollars are spent most efficiently, resulting in not only a greater return on investment but also higher monthly recurring revenue, as more leads are converted into more customers who are retained for a longer period of time. All the more reason to reach out to EWR Digital over the other SaaS marketing agencies today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is SaaS Digital Marketing Different From Other Marketing?

One difference is that SaaS marketing revolves around giving the product away for free via a free trial. Another difference is that customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition. SaaS companies generate their revenue through monthly subscriptions.

How Is SaaS Digital Marketing Performance Measured?

Some key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure the performance of SaaS digital marketing include monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, customer lifetime value (CLV), and net promoter score (NPS).

How Do I Get Backlinks for My SaaS Company's Website?

Other companies linking to your website is a key marketing strategy for improving your placement in search results. You can generate backlinks by reaching out to those sites to request a link, offering a product discount if necessary. Offering strong, timely content on your website is another way to earn links to your site.

What to look for in a SaaS marketing agency?

When looking for a SaaS marketing agency, it is important to consider their experience and expertise in SaaS marketing, their track record of success, the range of services they offer, their understanding of your target audience and unique value proposition, their approach to data analysis and reporting, their communication and collaboration style, and their overall level of responsiveness and support. It is also important to evaluate their pricing and contract terms, as well as their cultural fit with your organization.

SaaS SEO Agency

You need SaaS SEO because it is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to attract high-quality traffic to your SaaS website and increase conversions and revenue. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can improve your visibility in search results, attract more relevant traffic, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry. This can lead to increased brand awareness, higher engagement, more leads, and ultimately, more revenue.

Additionally, SaaS SEO can provide long-term benefits that continue to drive traffic and revenue over time, unlike paid advertising, which stops working as soon as the budget runs out. SaaS SEO is also a cost-effective way to attract high-quality traffic, as the cost per acquisition (CPA) is often lower compared to other marketing channels. Overall, SaaS SEO is a critical component of any SaaS marketing strategy and can deliver significant results when done correctly.

Overall, SaaS SEO requires a deep understanding of the SaaS product or service, the target audience, and the unique challenges and opportunities of the SaaS market and that is why you should hire a company like EWR Digital.

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