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Ensure Your Franchise Stands Out Through Digital Marketing and Local Focus

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

Purchasing a franchise is exciting. Buying into an established business model and brand can mean better odds for success. Unfortunately, the benefit of franchising often means increased competition. While a company will help franchisees with marketing materials, the success or failure of the individual location rests on the franchise owner. Many owners fail to see the benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency like us or focusing on SEO strategies. The truth is, establishing a digital presence is crucial to the success of any business, including a franchise.

    EWR Digital

    Trusting Our Experience for Your Success

    Achieving success through internet marketing requires a delicate balance. Social platforms and web design are essential pieces of that balance, but there are other elements as well. Our team offers full-service digital advertising, and we will work alongside you to create a campaign that is sustainable and true to your vision. If you choose to work with us, we offer several services.


    Marketing Strategy

    Many business owners believe the strategy is only about a business model, but that is not accurate. Every franchise owner has a model for success, but without a plan, that model means nothing. We work with you to align franchise goals with marketing tactics. Our team wants to ensure that you see increased traffic and sales through targeted campaigns.



    Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of internet marketing, but it has changed over the years. While keywords are still necessary, content must be engaging, unique, and relevant. Our team will help transform your current content strategy into a driver of profits.

    Website Development

    Your website or franchise page needs to adhere to optimization standards. We will help you design beautiful and easy to navigate pages to boost search rankings and draw in customers. We’ll work within the guidelines of the corporation to ensure your franchise remains compliant with your agreement, but we will also help you create a unique and engaging site.


    More consumers are turning to video than text. Because of the increased demand for streaming content, search engines are favoring businesses that embrace video. for your franchise that is unique and shows your personality, further establishing your authority in your area.


    Brand Design & Strategy

    While you have a corporate identity through the franchise agreement, you still need to focus on the brand design. We want to help find the unique attributes of your franchise, whether that is employees, location, or specials. Our team works hard to help you identify your place in the market.


    Pay-per-click advertising is a useful marketing technique, but it requires skilled research. Our team understands the principles of this advertising technique, which means there is less risk involved. We want to make sure that your budget stretches as far as possible to ensure more business to your location.

    EWR Digital

    Understanding the Significance of a Digital Presence

    Did you know that nearly 88% of U.S. adults use the internet for searching for local businesses? Did you also know that almost 80% of those individuals trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? It’s vital to establish a digital presence for your franchise. Some experts even estimate that a targeted online presence can improve sales by 40%. We have seen the successes that digital focus achieves. Let us help establish a digital marketing strategy specific to your franchise, allowing you to experience the benefits first-hand.


    • Brand recognition
    • Search visibility
    • Increased traffic
    • Valid leads

      Using Location To Boost Success

      The one thing your business has over any other franchise is location. Most corporations try to spread franchises out to ensure profits. How are you using your location? Are you optimized within search engines with location tags? Did you know that most adults use their smart devices to look up local businesses? By including location modifiers and tags in your digital content, you can increase your business. Our experienced team works with you to make sure your pages are optimized for success.

      EWR Digital

      Learning How Data Improves Efficiency

      While working with the main business is essential to franchise success, it is also necessary to create an identity for yourself. Why should customers come to you? What do you provide that is unique from other franchisees? We will help you find your voice and personality. Our team will help you interact with your local market and secure more business. We will also work with you to analyze the data from current advertising efforts. If you only focus on traditional marketing, then let us teach you how digital analytics and marketing improve efficiency and reduce your overall costs.