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Your business is doing well. Leads are coming in, sales are up, and people are engaging with you on your social media. But as you go over all the social media marketing (SMM) you’ve been doing, you wonder if it’s finally time to do something with your Google Plus page.

If you’ve been wondering about Google Plus, read on to learn how this one page could be really important to your SEO and Google ranking.

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Mark Zuckerburg was so threatened by Google that he demanded his team make Facebook more like Google+.

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A Quick History

Google Plus was founded in 2011 after a few false starts. There was Orkut, Google Friend Connet, and Google Buzz. All of these websites tried to capture the same magic as Facebook, but none could live up to the hype. Despite their best efforts, each platform was put out to the digital pasture.

Then, Google+ entered the scene. People saw so much promise in it that Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerburg demanded his team make Facebook more like Google+.  You might remember a few friends saying they’d ditch Facebook to see what the Big G had to offer.

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Google+ will index your content immediately.

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Why Bother?

By now you might be thinking, “Sure, a lot of people said that, but Facebook is still around.” And that’s true. A lot of people said they’d switch and never did. So why should you bother with Google+?

One word: Indexing.

Without indexing your blog posts or pages Google won’t see it. You know it’s there. People who already know about your website know it’s there. But Google won’t. So after publishing a post or page, you make sure to request indexing from Google.

With Google+, you won’t have to. Yes, you read that right. Content created on Google+ doesn’t need to request indexing. That’s because Google+ will index your content immediately. Not only that, but quick indexing could also mean a quicker rise in ranking and better SEO benefits.

So if you’ve been lax with your Google+ posts because you think it doesn’t matter: think again. A post on Google Plus could mean the difference between waiting for Google to take notice, and telling Google to take notice.

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