Is Branded PPC Right for Your Business?

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When used in combination with good SEO, branded PPC ads can help you dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) for people looking for you by name. It’s a matter of fighting against the competition. To help get traffic and leads, you need something to help get your name noticed. So how can branded PPC ads do that? As most companies will already rank #1 for their branded company name, you may wonder why companies choose to bid on it. After all, you can’t get higher than #1, can you?
The answer is yes. Paid ads ARE placed higher on the SERP than organic, often landing ‘above-the-fold.’ Branded PPC ads are the golden marketing space above the line where users must scroll down the page to see the organic results.
Here are the most common reasons companies choose to use branded PPC campaigns:
  1. Beat Your Competitors

    Branding ads are a great way to compete against competitors who are competing on their branded name. (By the way, did you know that you can simply prevent this by trademarking your name with the government, then submitting the paperwork to Google? Advertisers won’t be able to bid on or use your name in their Ads without your explicit consent. Don’t believe it? Try bidding on the word Google, BMW, or Nike.)

  2. Shorten the Journey

    If your company sells products online, branded PPC can shorten your user’s journey to your e-commerce page. Branded PPC can land them deeper in the sales funnel because you determine which landing page to send them to.

  3. Control Your Message

    Algorithms and best practices control organic results and listings. PPC Ads, on the other hand, have a much more flexible set of guidelines. Branded PPC Campaigns allow you to put your best foot forward and feature your best offers, promotions, and USPs.

  4. Check out the Performance

    Test Drive a new campaign message or slogan with clients or potential clients. See how it performs with people already looking for you.

  5. Provide More Options for Clients

    Promote new or unknown products or services. If people come to your site to buy their favorite blue one-armed widgets, but the more profitable ones are your red one-armed widgets, then let them know that you also offer the red ones. They may still choose to buy the blue ones, but at least now they know you offer red one-armed widgets.

  6. PR

    Fight back against negative publicity with a perfectly positioned branded ad, emphasizing your core values, USP, and other warm and fuzzy details about why customers should still trust your business. (Despite the negative PR.)

  7. SEO Makeup

    Last but not least, branded PPC ads can make up for missing SEO. If you have a generic-sounding company name, or you do not rank well for your own name, climb instantly to the top with branded PPC ads.

Find Out if Branded PPC is Right for Your Business

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