Bitcoin Marketing: Where To Advertise

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is Head of Digital Strategy at EWR Digital. He is a nationally recognized expert in SEO and the Co-Host of the top rated SEO Podcast, "The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing." Author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers with contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Journal and numerous other publications pertaining to digital marketing.

Bitcoin Marketing: Where To Advertise

Bitcoin marketing has already seen a fair share of rough marketing and advertising restrictions. Popular websites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter imposed strict restrictions on crypto on their sites to crack down on spammy, get-rich-quick crypto schemes. Advertisers were forced to remove their ads and refocus their marketing efforts through different means. 

A few short years later, these big businesses recanted these harsh restrictions, re-opening avenues for crypto-related marketing. With the way unbarred, marketers have had to relearn how to advertise their Bitcoin business and services. If your business is in the Bitcoin market, and you want to find some ways to promote your product – read along. Below are some of the best places to market your Bitcoin and Bitcoin products or services. 

Start At Popular Exchanges

Begin your advertising efforts at popular exchanges, such as:

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with their advertising policies and guidelines. Be prepared to have high-quality product images videos as well as a well-crafted description of your company and the services you offer. Adding curated content to your advertising efforts within any of these platforms will go a long way with exposure and impressions.

Partner With Bitcoin Publications

Several bitcoin-focused publications would love to hear about your business and potentially include it in an upcoming article or peer-review. Bitcoin Magazine is one example, and they not only accept submissions from businesses and offer paid advertising opportunities within the magazine itself. 

While this may seem a bit old school, these magazines have quite the reach. Many die-hard cryptocurrency followers still read these magazines for quality content and the next best project.

The Retail SpacE-commerce - EWR Digitale

A third place to begin marketing Bitcoin would be in the retail space. Depending on your business, the retail sector continues to be an exploding place for Bitcoin, especially with so many companies accepting Bitcoin for services. 

Bitcoin transactions benefit both parties involved. Transaction costs are lowered for the business due to the peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin, and the consumer will likely benefit from lower prices as well.

Educating your customers about why Bitcoin is a benefit for all parties is also an additional way to increase the acceptance of your bitcoin product and acceptance within the market. 

Conferences & Meet Ups

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency events are happening worldwide, so there’s a good chance that one will be coming to a city near you. Once you have identified some bitcoin-friendly conferences or meetups, reach out to the conference organizers. At these events, you can offer to sponsor an event, run a booth, or if you are a thought leader, perhaps you could pitch a speaking engagement. 

If you choose to be a speaker -start by submitting a proposal at any upcoming bitcoin-related conference. Speaking at events is a great marketing tactic. They allow you to educate potential customers on what your company does and how it can help them with their needs.

Investment Space

US Dollar - EWR DigitalPeople have been buying Bitcoin and placing it in long-term portfolios using iTrustCapital or BitcoinIRA. These crypto-backed IRAs are where people can buy and hold crypto for the long term. Reach out to any of these well-known investment platforms and see about advertising opportunities. Those willing to invest in crypto may fall within your target demographic. Use these investment spaces as ways to further your exposure and reach out to new audiences.

Bitcoin Marketing with EWR Digital

Bitcoin advertising has come a long way from the bans and crackdowns of early adopters. With some creativity, you can find many different ways to market your business – no matter how big or small it may be. As always, make sure that you comply with all advertising policies put in place by popular exchanges, publications, and conferences – as violating any of these could lead to lost advertising money and a headache you don’t need.

In the crypto space, you must have a well-crafted story and articulate the value proposition of Bitcoin. If you need help crafting your story and answering the question of “Why should people invest in Bitcoin?” reach out to the professionals at EWR. Our team can help you with your Bitcoin marketing strategy and get the answers your customers need so they can feel safe putting their money into your Bitcoin product or service.

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