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Bitcoin marketing, unfortunately, had a rough go in the advertising world in the not-so-distant past. Websites such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter were beginning to crack down on companies who were essentially claiming get-rich-quick schemes, ruining the party for the honest brands in the business.

However, many of those names have backed away from their harsh stance, allowing companies to advertise their business relating to Bitcoin and Bitcoin products or services.

With that, it’s important to understand the Bitcoin market and where the eyes currently are, otherwise you may find it more difficult to turn eyes your direction. If you are looking at areas to advertise, here are a few to consider.

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Scope Out Exchanges

The first place to consider marketing around are exchanges, which is where Bitcoin is purchased and sold. Back in the early days it was almost a Wild West situation where an exchange may or may not be trustworthy.

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Now, with regulations forming and exchanges becoming transparent, there are leaders this space that have built themselves a respectable reputation.

That being said, many eyeballs are watching exchanges. If you can pair your marketing campaign to an exchange, it can make it easier for your client base to purchase and sell Bitcoin.

Pair your marketing campaign to an exchange.

The Retail Space

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A second place to begin marketing Bitcoin would be in the retail sector. Depending on your business, the retail sector continues to be an exploding place for Bitcoin, especially with the practical application to purchase goods.

This benefits both parties involved. On the one hand, transaction costs are limited for the business due to the peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin. On the other, the consumer will likely benefit from lower costs, due to operating costs being lowered. Retail is a place that could see an increased presence with Bitcoin.

Investment Space

The last place to advertise Bitcoin would be the investment space, as many people use Bitcoin to trade and attempt to make profits.

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While the overall use of Bitcoin is to be used as a method of transacting, with the volatility still embedded in the asset, it provides individuals with the ability to generate returns.

Advertising in this space can be profitable, as there are many different specific ways within investing you could market Bitcoin.

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Knowing where to advertise Bitcoin is important. If you attempt to market Bitcoin to age ranges that are older, odds are you will have a difficult time converting, as older generations are more skeptical of this new age technology. The idea is to go where the eyes currently are, instead of working to turn the eyes towards you.

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