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Do you a business owner in Rice Military area of Houston? If you’re looking for a trustworthy, digital marketing company in Rice Military, EWR Digital is the best choice with over 23 years in Search Engine Marketing.

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We are proud to serve the Greater Houston area, including Rice Military:

Rice Military is a neighborhood in Houston. The name originates from Camp Logan nearby, a WWI Army training camp, which was replaced by Memorial Park after the war.

The “Rice” in Rice Military comes from the family who used to own the area. This family left behind a large amount of money to found Rice University.

It’s also home to the infamous “Beer Can House,” a folk art house covered in bottles and beer cans.

We love Houston, and we love marketing for Rice Military businesses.

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In the bustling heart of Houston’s Rice Military neighborhood, your business deserves to thrive and stand out. Our SEO services are meticulously designed to boost your local visibility, attract nearby customers, and amplify your presence in this vibrant urban community. We understand the unique character of Rice Military and the importance of connecting with the local market. Let us partner with you to harness the power of strategic SEO, ensuring that your business becomes a trusted choice for residents and patrons seeking your products or services. Together, we’ll enhance your digital presence and elevate your business to new heights in the lively landscape of Rice Military. Contact us today to explore how our expert SEO services can drive growth for your Rice Military business.

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In the heart of Houston’s thriving Rice Military neighborhood, your business’s online identity is just as important as its physical presence. Our web design and development services are tailored to capture the essence of Rice Military, combining aesthetics, functionality, and user engagement to create a website that truly resonates with local residents and visitors alike. From sleek and modern designs to seamless user experiences, we’ll craft a digital space that reflects the vibrancy of Rice Military and invites customers in. Let’s collaborate to unveil a website that not only showcases your business but also becomes an integral part of the neighborhood’s digital landscape. Contact us today to explore how our web design and development services can elevate your Rice Military business in this dynamic urban enclave.

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Rice Military, also known simply as “The Rice,” is a popular and rapidly growing neighborhood located in the western part of Houston, Texas. It is known for its proximity to downtown Houston, vibrant atmosphere, and a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. Here’s what you should know about the Rice Military neighborhood:

Location: Rice Military is situated just west of downtown Houston, making it part of the inner city. It is bordered by Washington Avenue to the north, Memorial Drive to the south, Shepherd Drive to the west, and Sawyer Street to the east.

Real Estate: The neighborhood features a mix of housing options, including townhomes, condominiums, single-family homes, and apartment complexes. In recent years, there has been significant development, with new construction and modern housing options becoming prevalent. Rice Military is known for its accessibility to the city’s amenities and its proximity to the Washington Corridor entertainment district.

Schools: The neighborhood is served by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and is in close proximity to various schools and educational institutions. Private and charter school options are also available nearby.

Shopping and Dining: Rice Military offers a variety of dining and shopping options. Nearby Washington Avenue is a hotspot for nightlife, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Residents have easy access to shopping centers and grocery stores.

Parks and Recreation: The Buffalo Bayou Park, located just south of Rice Military, provides opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and picnicking. The park features scenic trails, gardens, and cultural amenities.

Transportation: The neighborhood’s central location provides convenient access to major roadways, including Interstate 10 (I-10) and Loop 610. Public transportation options, including METRO buses, serve the area, making it accessible for commuters.

Development: Rice Military has experienced significant development and revitalization in recent years. Many older properties have been renovated, and new residential and commercial developments have emerged, contributing to the neighborhood’s growth.

Community Engagement: Community organizations and civic associations in Rice Military work to promote a sense of community and address neighborhood concerns. These groups often organize events and initiatives to benefit residents.

Rice Military offers a dynamic urban living experience, attracting a mix of young professionals, families, and individuals who appreciate the neighborhood’s accessibility to downtown Houston and its vibrant cultural and entertainment scene. Its central location, modern housing options, and proximity to recreational amenities make it a sought-after neighborhood within the city.

Famous Beer Can Houston in Rice Military
Rice Military to EWR Digital: 13105 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040, you can follow these general driving directions:
  1. Start by heading west on Washington Avenue from Rice Military.
  2. Continue on Washington Avenue, and it will merge onto the Katy Freeway (I-10 West) as you approach downtown Houston.
  3. Stay on I-10 West and continue for several miles.
  4. Take the exit for US-290 West (towards Austin).
  5. Merge onto US-290 West (Northwest Freeway) and continue on this road.
  6. Keep driving on US-290 West for several miles. You’ll eventually reach the area near 13105 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040. Be attentive to exit signs and directions.
  7. Depending on the specific location at 13105 Northwest Fwy, you may need to exit US-290 West and navigate local streets to reach your destination. You can use GPS or maps for this last portion of the journey.