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Case Study

Silver Sycamore Website Design

Web Design Case - EWR Digital
Case Study

Website Design: Air B&B, Wedding Venue


Silver Sycamore came to us, after spending a significant amount of money on their website. The previous website had won an award for design, however it did not function the way they wanted it too. So, they needed a new website.


Customers were getting confused in the customer journey on the website. The website was mainly large images so it loaded very slow, which made for a bad customer experience. Additionally there was very little text on each page, which is extremely bad for SEO purposes. They also wanted to rap a few of their nearby properties together and create a “b&b getaway” so that had to be incorporated into the new website as well. This all had to be done on a shoestring budget.

Strategy & Tactics

We had to be laser focused on their use cases, the scope of work, and what they were trying to achieve. We focused over 80% of the process on the planning phase and worked with them on layout wireframes as well as GAP Analysis on all pictures and videos they needed. We had to make sure we had all the “puzzle pieces” to put it together. Since we did not have much budget to write new content we were able to get a copy of the website before their current one. That website had more copy and provided additional information for the products services and ad copy. We then did a video and picture shoot in a half day and got everything we needed from the GAP.

Message Alignment

We know this was something that was incredibly hard to get right. As we need to make sure we appealed to brides to be and now to Air B&B getawayers.


We delivered them a beautiful website that they were happy with, customers raved about and they improved in the google ranks where they saw a 30% increase in traffic without any ongoing seo work and first page ranking for terms such as: “bridal shower venues houston”, “destination weddings in texas”, “brunch baby shower houston”, “company picnic locations houston”.

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