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EWR Digital is a top-rated digital marketing agency. Our mission is to help local businesses succeed through effective digital strategies. We offer a wide range of services including: marketing consulting, SEO, Paid Media (PPC), web design/development, branding and videography. Our experienced team of experts uses a results-driven approach to increase online visibility, drive leads and sales, and build strong brand identities for our clients. We provide personalized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

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"Once we got to that #1 spot, we fired our other SEO Company, and hired EWR to manage the SEO of our other website."

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Rosi Office Systems

"I started to see more people in a month than I did in a year. I was really impressed with the results we were getting."

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Franson Chiropractic

"Our online presence has improved dramatically. We are page 1 for most search terms that are relevant to our industry."

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Hestia Home Services

Los Angeles, CA Marketing Agency

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Los Angeles, California, is a popular city in Southern California. People living in Los Angeles and surrounding areas enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, the ethnic and cultural diversity, and the wide range of dining options. When people think about Los Angeles, they often associate this thriving and vibrant city with the Hollywood film industry and famous musicians.

People know the Los Angeles area for landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl, and the futuristic-looking Walt Disney Concert Hall. Many people come to Los Angeles to enjoy surfing at the beaches, visit Disneyland Park, and see their favorite movie star’s name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Businesses in the Los Angeles area and the surrounding metropolis use our digital marketing agency to highlight their unique attributes with EWR Digital’s out-of-the-box SEO strategies. We offer Los Angeles local marketing techniques that showcase the city’s hip and innovative nature with the following services:

Award-Winning Marketing Agency for Los Angeles

For over 20 years, EWR Digital has created and delivered award-winning digital marketing in upscale cities throughout the United States, including Los Angeles. Our mission at EWR Digital is to create an extraordinary marketing campaign for your Los Angeles-based business, whether you need enterprise SEO for a major-movie studio, corporate-training videos, or a website for your celebrity-wedding company. Our professional team at EWR Digital will make sure  your website receives plenty of KPIs to keep you and your business on a continuous forward track with impressive ROIs.

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Graphic Design | EWR Digital

Maximizing Your Business Potential with Graphic Design

In today’s competitive business landscape, small-medium sized businesses (SMB) need every advantage they can get. That’s why professional graphic design is so important. Great design can help your business stand out from the crowd, communicate its message effectively, and establish a strong, recognizable brand identity. Whether you need to elevate your brand, marketing materials, or a website, professional graphic design can help you achieve your business goals. With high-quality design, you can create a powerful visual presence that captures the attention of potential customers and sets you apart from your competitors. So if you want to take your business to the next level, invest in top-notch graphic design today!

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EWR Digital is a results-driven marketing agency committed to helping businesses in the Los Angeles area thrive and prosper through data analysis and creative omnichannel marketing strategies.



Our marketing workshops help you gain insight into what drives your Los Angeles customers’ decision-making process to purchase your product or service. We offer several marketing audit strategies to help increase SEO, identify areas of your website that need design improvement, and devise a keyword strategy to increase customer engagement.


Enterprise SEO

We offer SEO strategies that are scalable to your unique Los Angeles business. From on-page to off-page SEO, technical to local SEO, we help Google recognize what your website is about while targeting your business in the Los Angeles area. Enterprise SEO takes the basics of SEO and combines marketing, web design, user experience, and branding into a seamless SEO approach for your large Los Angeles corporation or business.


Web Design

Our web design team creates custom websites that give the customer the information they need to take action for your Los Angeles products or services. Because of our deep understanding of the importance of using SEO to drive traffic to your site, we build websites that produce ROI results.


Paid Media

People living in the Los Angeles area have many ways to find businesses. EWR Digital’s paid media service focuses on your target audience with contemporary messaging to catch their attention. Our media ecosystem brings fresh targeting strategies for social-media platforms, and television, radio, and print alternatives.


EWR Digital’s branding service helps your business connect positively with the Los Angeles community. We build your brand so customers trust your product or service. Customers who trust your brand will often stay customers for life.


Corporate Videography

Los Angeles is known for its film industry, and people living in the area can relate to videos. EWR Digital is a full-service video production company that can bring your corporate or business videos to reality. Whether you need corporate videography for training, as a business promotion, or to tell your story, EWR Digital has you covered.


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At EWR Digital we lead by example. That’s why we’ve stayed on top of the ever-changing landscape of online marketing for over 20 years. Established in 1999, we’ve proudly serviced the digital marketing industry while raising the bar in paid media, SEO, and web design.




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Enterprise to Small Business

Customized Digital Marketing For Many Industries

Every company and industry has its unique set of challenges when it comes to search engine marketing. Our breadth of experience has provided us with extensive knowledge in developing proven online marketing strategies across many different sectors, ensuring your digital marketing efforts will be successful, regardless of your industry.

Here are some the industries we have generated incredible results for our client partners:

FAQ About a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

When you’re looking to hire the best digital marketing company in Los Angeles, ask the following questions to see if the company is the right fit for your unique needs.

Will Your Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles Fit With My Business?

EWR Digital can work with any size business in the Los Angeles area. Our consulting team can help determine your specific marketing needs and create an SEO strategy for success.

What Industries Does Your Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles Cover?

We work with individuals and large Los Angeles corporations in industries including:

    • Healthcare.
    • Crypto.
    • Gas and oil.
    • Film and music.
    • Legal.
    • Financial.
    • Home improvement.
    • B2B.

EWR Digital can help your Los Angeles business with all aspects of your SEO, web design, and digital-marketing campaign. Contact us today!