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Do you work in Missouri City area of Houston? If you’re looking for a trustworthy, digital marketing company in Missouri City, EWR Digital is the best choice with over 23 years in Search Engine Marketing.

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Missouri City is a city located in the southeastern part of the state of Texas, in Houston. Here are some key facts and information about Missouri City:

  1. Location: Missouri City is situated within the Greater Houston metropolitan area, southwest of downtown Houston. It is known for its suburban character and proximity to Houston’s major employment centers.
  2. Population: As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Missouri City had a population of around 75,457 residents. However, please note that population figures may have changed since then.
  3. History: Missouri City was originally founded in the early 19th century as a sugar plantation. It later became a railroad town and was officially incorporated as a city in 1956. The name “Missouri City” is said to have been inspired by the state of Missouri, although it’s not located in Missouri but in Texas.
  4. Diverse Community: Missouri City is known for its cultural diversity, with a mix of various ethnicities and backgrounds among its residents.
  5. Economy: While many residents of Missouri City commute to Houston for work, the city also has its own local businesses and economic activities. The economy is diverse, with a range of businesses, retail centers, and healthcare facilities.
  6. Education: The city is served by the Fort Bend Independent School District, and it has several public schools, including high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Missouri City is also home to some private and charter schools.
  7. Recreation: There are numerous parks and recreational facilities in Missouri City, offering opportunities for outdoor activities, sports, and community events. Buffalo Run Park and Oyster Creek Park are popular outdoor destinations.
  8. Sugar Land Regional Airport: Missouri City is near the Sugar Land Regional Airport, which serves general aviation and is a key transportation asset for the region.
  9. Accessibility: The city’s location provides easy access to major highways like U.S. Route 90A and Texas State Highway 6, making it relatively convenient for residents to travel within the Houston metropolitan area.
  10. Community Events: Missouri City hosts various community events throughout the year, including cultural festivals, holiday celebrations, and activities for residents of all ages.
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