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What is a Web Design Workshop

Web Design Workshops are for businesses who are looking to build a website for the digital age — structured with an SEO-first approach and designed with best practices for usability and conversions

A Web Design Workshop provides you:

  • A clear, concise target persona for your website
  • The ideal customer journey experience
  • Strategies for your website’s sitemap, navigation, and interlinking

Note: Since a Web Design Workshop lays the foundation and scope of work for a new website, our policy is a Web Design Workshop must be completed before we will provide a quote for a website rebuild.

Who is a Web Design Workshop For?

Web Design Workshops are for businesses who need to redesign, rebuild, or create a new website. Essentially if you’re going to make major changes to your website you need a strategy.

Signs a Web Design Workshop would be beneficial:


Your website continues to fall in search rankings


You want to redesign your website from the ground up


The current structure of your website prevents you from executing new strategies


Your KPIs or target audience for your website have changed

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal is to fully layout the foundation and structure of the new website.


  • Finalize the KPIs for the website
  • Establish the target persona for the website
  • Define the intended customer journey through the website
  • Create strategies the following for parts of the website
    • Site Structure
    • Content Outline
    • Sitemap / Crawl Depth
    • Header Navigation
    • Interlinking Strategy

How to get started

Starting your workshop is simple. All you need to do is schedule your workshop and answer a questionnaire (the questionnaire provides us the information we need for our prep work before the workshop). Then show up to your workshop with an open mind and a readiness to collaborate.

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Schedule Your Workshop

To start simply schedule your workshop date and time using the calendar below.


Complete Questionnaire

Once your workshop is scheduled we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete before the workshop.

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Show Up To The Workshop

Show up to your workshop on the date and time you chose and we’ll begin your workshop.

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Home Services

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Workshop Information


Do I need a Web Design Workshop if I only want to update the visuals of my website?

Nope! If you are only wanting to update visuals on your website, a workshop is not necessary. However, we’ve found visual updates without a website restructure rarely result in the updated website meeting it’s KPIs.




2 – 4 Hours



Summary report with suggested sitemap, header navigation, and interlinking strategy




Applies as a $5,000 credit towards a new website if a new website project is purchased within 90 days of the Workshop.

Schedule Your Web Design Workshop

To start your workshop please pick a date and time below that works for your schedule. Once you’ve scheduled your workshop we’ll send over your questionnaire.

NOTE: We only have a limited number of workshops we do per month so book now.