Market Strategies Workshop

Market Strategies Workshop at EWR Digital
Marketing Strategies Workshop
Market Strategies Workshop


Looking to better reach the right customers with relevant messaging that truly resonates through different online marketing channels?

In our Marketing Strategies workshop, the goal is to gain deep insights into the knowledge process that your customer undergoes when interacting with your brand. We investigate, through market research, the variables that shape the buyer’s motivation and decision making to purchase your products and services (Buyer’s Journey).

Customer’s purchasing decisions can consist of branding, positioning, value proposition, available competition, and other factors. We interpret the data associated with these variables to learn more, define, and confirm your market segments.

Marketing Strategies Workshop

Included in this Workshop

We develop with you a customized digital marketing plan, by using an integrated marketing approach. This approach utilizes multi digital advertising platforms, cutting edge digital marketing strategies, tools and analytics systems to help accelerate your business online, gain brand awareness, and acquire customers.

Marketing Strategies Team
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Target Persona Profiles

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Market Segmentation

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Value Proposition (USP)

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Marketing objectives (KPIs)

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Buyer's Journey

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Keyword Research

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Competitor Analysis

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Strategy Recommendations

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ROI Estatements

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Workshop Deliverable

Roadmap Document

Over the course of your workshop we’ll cover many aspects of your business. With so much to cover, it can be hard to remember everything discussed during the meeting. 

This is where your roadmap document comes in to play. It’s a comprehensive recap of everything we covered during the workshop. In your roadmap document you’ll get a prioritized list of what actions you should take next and a proposed scheduled to help you hit your goals.

These roadmaps are built by our strategists as they analyze the data and information covered during the workshop. You can expect to receive your roadmap document within one week of your workshop.

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About this Workshop

This highly interactive workshop is designed to clearly define the foundational aspects of any business and identify the strategies and channels to maximise your results online!



3 – 4 hours









2-3 Members of cross-functional team will be in attendance

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