Texas Marketing Associations and Groups: Connecting Marketers Across the Lone Star

Connecting with like-minded professionals and staying updated with industry trends is our goal. In Texas, a state renowned for its diverse business landscape, numerous marketing associations and groups provide precisely that.

These organizations serve as hubs for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional growth for marketers of all levels:

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  1. American Marketing Association (AMA) – Dallas/Fort Worth: The Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the AMA is a prominent organization for marketing professionals. They offer various resources, networking events, and educational opportunities, including digital marketing topics.

Website: https://www.amadfw.com/

  1. DFW Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM): DFWSEM is a well-known association focused on search engine marketing, including SEO and PPC. They regularly host events and provide valuable resources for digital marketers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Website: https://www.dfwsem.org/

  1. Austin Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA): AIMA is an organization based in Austin that serves the interactive marketing community. They provide educational events, workshops, and networking opportunities for digital marketers.

Website: https://www.austinima.org/

  1. Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HIMA): HIMA is a Houston-based organization dedicated to the digital marketing industry. They offer networking events, educational sessions, and resources for marketing professionals.

Website: https://houstonima.org/

  1. Digital Marketing Alliance of San Antonio (DMASA): DMASA focuses on advancing digital marketing in San Antonio. They organize events and share resources to help marketers stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Website: https://www.dmasa.org/

  1. DFW Social Media Marketing Group: This is a meetup group that organizes events and workshops related to social media marketing. While not an official organization, it’s a good resource for networking and learning.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/dfw-social-media-marketing-group/

  1. Texas Marketing Summit: This is an annual event held in various cities across Texas, including Dallas, Austin, and Houston. It brings together marketing professionals and features discussions on digital marketing trends and strategies.

Website: https://texasmarketingsummit.com/

  1. The Texas Digital Marketers Group: This is another meetup group that brings together digital marketers in Texas for networking and knowledge sharing.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/The-Texas-Digital-Marketers-Group/

  1. Digital Marketing Club of Dallas (DMCD): DMCD is a networking group for digital marketing professionals in the Dallas area. They organize events and discussions on various digital marketing topics.

Website: https://www.digitalmarketingclub.com/

  1. Austin Content Marketing Meetup: This meetup group in Austin focuses on content marketing, including strategies for creating and promoting content online.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/Austin-Content-Marketing-Meetup/

  1. Social Media Breakfast Dallas (SMBDallas): SMBDallas is a recurring breakfast event in Dallas that covers social media marketing trends, strategies, and best practices.

Website: https://www.smbdallas.com/

  1. San Antonio Digital Marketing Meetup: This meetup group is dedicated to digital marketing discussions and networking opportunities for marketers in San Antonio.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/San-Antonio-Digital-Marketing-Meetup/

  1. Houston Digital Marketing Meetup: Similar to the San Antonio meetup, this group in Houston offers digital marketing professionals a platform for networking and learning.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/Houston-Digital-Marketing-Meetup/

  1. Austin SEO Meetup: If you’re particularly interested in search engine optimization (SEO), this meetup group in Austin focuses on SEO strategies and tactics.

Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/austinseo/

  1. Texas Marketing and Technology Association (TMTA): TMTA aims to bring together marketing and technology professionals in Texas. While not exclusively focused on digital marketing, it often includes discussions related to digital marketing trends.

Website: https://www.tmta.org/

I would also include: The Unknown Secerts of Internet Marketing Podcast in this list. It’s a great community of marketers with advanced knowledge on SEO.

Website: https://bestseopodcast.com/

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