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What is a User Experience Audit

A User Experience (UX) Audit provides an analysis of the customer journey through your website. Your audit reviews every touchpoint from the moment a customer comes to the website to the moment they leave. This audit focuses on the top-of-the-funnel portion of your customer journey.

The audit identifies:

  • How your customers are navigating the website
  • Where your customers are getting stuck & frustrated
  • What parts of your website are driving the most engagement

Who is a User Experience Audit For?

UX Audits are for businesses whose website is causing confusion and friction with customers. It’s helps improve top-of-the-funnel conversions as a customer comes to the website and navigates to the desired result.

Signs a UX Audit would be beneficial:

Positive movement in Google Rankings does not stick (rankings fall back down shortly after moving up)
High bounce rate on your website
Low “Pages per session” on your website

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal is to provide you keywords you should be targeting based on your goals and buyer intent.
Review your website for common UX issues

  • Menu Structure / Site Navigation
  • Clear CTAs
  • Layout of information
  • Visual elements

Review Heat-mapping to understand the following

  • User behavior
  • Scroll depth

Review Google Analytics to understand the following

  • Which pages users advance to from their current page
  • Average pages per session
  • Bounce rate for highest trafficked pages

How to get started

Your audit includes a free 30 minute audit review/consultation with one of our UX Design experts. Before we can begin your audit we need you to schedule your review call and answer a questionnaire. This provides us the information we need to complete your audit.
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Schedule Review Call

To start the audit process you need to schedule your review call.

Complete Questionnaire

Once your review call is scheduled we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete.
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Review Your Audit

After you submit your questionnaire we’ll start your audit and have it ready for your review call.

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Audit Information


What impact with a User Experience Design Audit have on my business?

A user’s experience with your website is directly tied to the likelyhood of them converting into a customer. So, by improving the user experience you increase your conversion rates.

What do I need to provide for a User Experience Design Audit?

For us to provide you the most effective audit we need access to the following:

  • Website Access so we can setup heatmapping (which tracks how users are interacting with your website)
  • Google Analytics

Those two give us the data and insights necessary to perform an audit.

Can I make my own User Experience Design changes?

Absolutely! Your audit is yours to keep and do with what you want.

Of course if you’d like for this to be a white-glove approach we will help you implement all the changes found in your audit.




20 business days from start of project


A User Experience Report (in PDF format) that covers a review of your website, heatmapping, and Google Analytics.


Start by Scheduling Your Review Call
Once your UX Audit is finished you’ll get a chance to speak with one of our UX Design specialist to review your audit. To start your audit we request you schedule your review call first.