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What is a Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit helps you understand where your website can be improved so it increases conversion rates. This audit targets the bottom-of-the-funnel portion of your customer journey.

The audit identifies:

  • Common design issues that impact conversion rates
  • Which pages of the website need the most improvement
  • What is causing speed issues on the website

Who is an Onpage SEO Audit For?

CRO Audits are for businesses who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their website and the bottom-of-the-funnel conversion rate. They are getting sufficient traffic to the website but it’s not converting at the desired rate.

Signs a CRO Audit would be beneficial:


Website traffic has increased but conversions have not


Website conversions are below industry averages


Website conversions are under 2%

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal is to provide you a detailed analysis of website issues that are negatively affecting the conversion rate.

Review the website for common CRO issues

  • Sticky menu
  • Strong CTAs
  • Button design
  • Above the Fold Section of the home page
  • Clear value proposition
  • Trust-building elements

Review Google Analytics to understand the following

  • Most trafficked pages
  • Average time on page for highest trafficked pages
  • Bounce rate for highest trafficked pages
  • Total Sessions & Total Users

Review website speed

  • Average load time for desktop and mobile
  • Main sources causing slow load times

How to get started

Your audit includes a free 30 minute audit review/consultation with one of our Website experts. Before we can begin your audit we need you to schedule your review call and answer a questionnaire. This provides us the information we need to complete your audit.

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Schedule Review Call

To start the audit process you need to schedule your review call.


Complete Questionnaire

Once your review call is scheduled we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete.

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Review Your Audit

After you submit your questionnaire we’ll start your audit and have it ready for your review call.

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Audit Information


What is the difference between a CRO Audit and a User Experience Audit?

A CRO Audit focuses on optimizing the bottom-of-the-funnel portion of your customer’s journey. It looks at the common hinderances many websites have that are making it more difficult for a visitor to take the action you want them to take.

A User Experience Audi focuses on the top-of-the-funnel portion of your customer’s journey. It looks at how visitors are navigating and using your website. The goal is to make sure the structure, design, and content of the website are ensuring visitors are using your website in the way you intended.

Do sticky menus and trust building sections actually increase conversions?

Yep! You may be surprised to find out which elements have the most impact on your conversions. We use industry best practices and our own data to determine which elements are the ones you should focus on improving.

Why do I need to provide Google Analytics data?

Google Analytics provides us key data on how well aspects of your website are performing. It also gives us the information we need to calculate key CRO figures. 

Why is page speed part of the CRO Audit?

There are numerous studies which show a website’s speed has a direct correlation to how well it converts. Knowing your website’s page speed allows us to determine how much of your converion issues are related to the speed of your website.




10 business days from start of project



A CRO Audit Report (in PDF format) that covers a website design review, Google Analytics data review, and page speed review.




Start by Scheduling Your Review Call

Once your Conversion Rate Optimization Audit is finished you’ll get a chance to speak with one of our Website specialist to review your audit. To start your audit we request you schedule your review call first.

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