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Social Media Marketing. Those three words have been floating around for a while now. It seems everyone is talking about it. But as you think about social media and your website, you wonder, “Is everyone in my industry using social media marketing?” You take a quick glance and realize that not only are your competitors on social media, but they’re also on Pinterest.

“Do people really use Pinterest as social media marketing?” Believe it or not, they do. Right alongside Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, it’s one of the top social media networks out there.

If you want to see why Pinterest should be your interest, read on!

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Okay, So What Is Pinterest?

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Did you have a cork board as a kid? Did you pin a lot of neat pictures to it? Like your favorite rock bands, movies, and celebs? Or maybe you pinned clothes ideas and pictures of the cool stuff you wanted to buy?

Pinterest is basically a digital version of that. You have a pinterest “board” that you “pin” things to. And the best part is that you can have as many boards as you want, with as many pins as you want!

Why Should My Business Use Pinterest?

For a lot of reasons. According to Social Media Today, Pinterest has over 200 million active users. Not only that, but social media planning website Hootsuite says that 87% of users have bought something because of Pinterest.

What’s even better is that pins have a longer shelf life than other social media posts. 

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Let’s say you post something on Instagram or Facebook. Within minutes, users are flooded with zillions of more posts. So your cleverly written content gets buried under others.

Who sees it then?

With Pinterest, once you pin something, it’s part of that pinboard forever. And people can repin YOUR pin to THEIR board. That means your social media marketing post could be shared over and over again.

The more shares a pin gets, the more likely someone will be “Pinterested” enough to buy it. And with enough great pins people will see that your company is the IT company to work with!

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