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LinkedIn is a top-rated social network that generates leads with over 563 million users. Not to mention, it helps businesses to grow their brand value through:

  • connections
  • networking
  • and amplification.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, today over 50% B2B buyers use LinkedIn to make their purchasing decisions.

So if you’re looking to drive business results, it’s time to set up a detailed company page and get started with social media marketing.

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1. Complete Your Profile

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Make sure your page has your logo, description, website, size, location, and industry. Notably, companies with a full profile get 2x more visitors than pages with incomplete profiles.

Another key point to remember is that your profile is your first impression to prospective customers and employees. You can showcase your page with your brand mission and vision.

Companies with a full profile get 2x more visitors than pages with incomplete profiles.

2. Share Valuable Content

It’s time to start focusing on content marketing. Like any other social media marketing strategies, you need to develop a plan for sharing content on LinkedIn.

Write posts, share videos, offer advice, or share some inspirational quotes. Rather than sharing old content, write new content that will stand out from the other 100,000 articles published every week.

Use action words and build curiosity from your posts for more conversions.

Webinars are a lead gen marketer’s dream.

3. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn offers groups!

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people within your industry niche. You can create conversations with people who understand your industry challenges.

Further, you can have discussions to solve complex business challenges, too. It’s a free platform to exchange ideas and insights and build relationships!

4. Use LinkedIn Ads

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Leverage LinkedIn’s incredible targeting capabilities to reach out to your buyer persona.

For example, you can create laser-focused ads to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. Opt for sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored InMail to attract relevant customers to your page.

You can also learn a lot from LinkedIn Analytics and make necessary changes for reach.

5. Connect to Emotions

A lot of leading companies contribute their success on LinkedIn to personal connections. As a business, you should focus on professional, emotional, and social benefits; and self-image benefits when posting any content.

Additionally, using words like ‘you’ instead of ‘professionals’ or ‘business owners’ can go a long way in making your content valuable and viral. As a rule of thumb, post four customer-centric posts for one promotional post.

Besides, it’s important to promote your page across various other platforms.

In fact, link your page in your email signatures, your blogs, and other marketing communications. Cross-promoting your page on social media is a valuable tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

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