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We are a Full Service Houston based Enterprise SEO Agency dedicated to fulfillment results, and transparency. Why does your business need results driven SEO management services? The answer is simple — over 80% of customers today do research online before making a purchase. So, if you’re not capturing those customers, your competitors most certainly are.

You may be surprised to learn:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • Search engines drive 10 times more traffic to shopping sites than social media
  • Leads from SEO cost 61% less than outbound leads i.e., print advertising, billboards, direct mail, or cold calling.
  • Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.

Open Letter to CMO’s, Brand Managers and Internal Marketing Professionals

Enterprise strategy is not always on the top of the marketing list. Senior Executives at larger companies have many different marketing channels competing for their limited budget and attention. SEO is one of the less understood marketing tools and it is often overlooked and may not get the priority it deserves.


Executives at larger companies may figure their brand is enough that Google will recognize their greatness and just send them traffic – but of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Those who work on enterprise level strategies have a varity of unique issues to overcome if they want to be successful with digital marketing.

If you believe in the power of SEO and would like to get this approved as part of your marketing budget we can help you prepare a business marketing plan that will make sense to any executive team. We would like to partner with you.

Enterprise SEO

EWR delivers turnkey SEO management services for easy implementation, tracking, and creating internal buy-in from stakeholders all across your company. With easily understood technical, onpage, and off page SEO strategies and deliverables, and our local and national recognized SEO techniques our clients and customers are sure to stay at the top of the search results!

Scalable Link Building

Our unique process builds scalable hyper-targeted links with our proprietary 10-point link rating system from Domain Authority to Trust Flow to Niche Relevance. We can create new referring domains to any target page on your website and our outreach can procure brand mentions on industry leading sites through the links and mentions we procure for your company.

Site Migration & Redesigns

Avoid global drops in rankings and a plunge in traffic by leveraging our comprehensive multi-step migration and structural redesign process. We also have cloud hosting options for increased speed and user expereince. PRO TIP: Please get in touch early and if you are not qualifed to manage this yourself!

Content Storytelling and Syndication

Our stable of award-winning writers and SEO specialists will be sure to create content that matches your voice and tone sharing your company or firms message in a why that will induce action by the users. We map out your entire customer journey and create content for every stop along the buying process and then get it out to the right earned media sources and influencers.

Client Project


The goal of this SEO campaign was to rank in the top results for key search terms in Google over a 3-month campaign. Specifically, “Office Furniture Houston”.

The keyword has a monthly search volume of 1600+. Before bringing high quality converting traffic to the website through search engineoptimization. One of the main challenges we had to overcome was to reduce the spam level to the site which was had highly toxic links and duplicate content before Google marked the whole website as toxic and gave them a manual penality. Find how our site management and site optimization team helped this company’s advertising thrive and dominate the SERPS!

The SEO Experts

First page results for keywords that really matter.

When companies look for new advertising channels and need a SEO partner with a clear track record of successful Enterprise campaigns, they choose EWR Digital, the Market Leader for SEO. Working to optimization your pages for the search engine takes time and requires consistency. Every day you wait to get started is another lost opportunity to generate cost-effective leads. Invest in your future today!

Enterprise SEO Management


SEO is complex and constantly changing and there no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. Whether it’s a marketing strategy, CRM System, or a company referral program, what works for one business many not work for another.

SEO is no different. Larger companies and corporations require a more comprehensive SEO strategy than maybe a local business. This has led to an increased demand for SEO services that are tailored to bigger businesses.

Enterprise search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the advanced practices used by tenured search engine professionals catering to larger businesses and the value generated by rank higher in Google search engine results.

As of today, the news is there are over 200 different ranking factors Google tracks to determine which websites continues to get more complex the advent of social media and different ranking factors. The top SEO experts combine Technical SEO with onpage & offpage strategies, as well your current positioning, links and content building to develop a winning SEO campaign for your project.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO starts with strategy, is the analysis process of understanding your your target audience, and and the needs of the search engines so our SEO experts can design the best ways to move you up in the rankings so of these steps include fixing internal errors, schema markup, load times, XML Sitemaps, Alt text labels, mobile-friendly image optimization to just name a few.


Properly optimized content on your website has a significant impact on how Google views your website and user experience. Today your website must provide value and be what the visitor is searching for while encouraging interaction and engagement that both Google and visitors want through top quality content, news, links, and resources.


When you are an authority in your market, others talk about you. The same is true for your online presence. So, when high respected websites linking back to your website it shows Google that others view you as a thought leader in your market. Of course, there is more to it, but just think of gathering high quality links or backlinks as part of “Online or Media PR” search engine strategy.


Regardless if you are located in one area or are a worldwide brand, you need a strong local presence to generate attention. This is why local SEO is quickly becoming one of the best ways to be seen by customers who are more likely to buy from you.

Search Engine Optimization


We understand you have a unique set of goals, challenges, and budget, which is why we offer trackable SEO packages tailored to your needs. We are always happy to hop on a zoom meeting with different stakeholders to explain our ROI metrics with the CFO, department head or owner.


SEO Strategy is the cornerstone of an effective SEO campaign, which is why we include it in every package. This focuses on things such as keyword research, user search intent, query tends, search volumes, competitiveness, brand fit to just name a few.



Without tracking data it’s impossible to know how well your SEO campaign is working. That is why we employ in house data scientists combing through your data so we will always have access to the latest data and trends so make the best decisions based on what your users and the market is doing.


Our content team will help you develop effective onpage optimization that will rank well and resonates with your customers. Make sure that the title tags, labels, meta descriptions, H1’s and links are properly optimizated. We have a number of partners with proprietary technology that helps us the most optimal results.



Content marketing is the engine that drives the SEO train. You need a provider that can scale with your business. Great content is also only effective if it’s properly formatted for Google to understand it. You need a expert not only in content generation, but search engine optimzation.


Quality backlinks are essential for Offpage SEO. In addition to building those links, citations, and mentions acorss the web, we’ll help you create press releases and other great offpage resources that will get you noticed and generate high quality natural link backs to your site.


We understand that over time your business goals will change and so will your needs. Quarterly Strategy Workshops allow everyone to calibrate, ensuring we’re on track with the correct outlined goals and on the same page as we move forward.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to improving the behind the scenes aspects of a website such as making it faster for users, easier to crawl by search engines and organizing the data through a better hierarchy infrastructure to ensure the serach engines and users find what they are seeking. This is includes site structure, hosting, scheme markup and more.



Getting customers to your website is only the first step. Once they’re on your website you need to take action. CRO is the process of understanding what is happening on your website their heat mapping, UX/UI and user sessions to better understand how to improve your conversion rate and serving the information that your visitors and users are seeking.

EWR Digital

Our Data Driven Approach to SEO

At EWR Digital, we love data and market research. We look at these metrics with you when creating our results-driven SEO strategies to combine your knowledge of your industry with our SEO expertise.

These data and research sources include:

  1. Google analytics
  2. 3rd-Party tracking tools
  3. Competitive intelligence
  4. Keyword research
  5. Backlink audits
  6. Market research
  7. Content GAP analysis

Gain a dedicated in-house SEO team without hiring one!

EWR Digital is a SEO company of people that truely care about your success that work as an extension of your marketing team in collaboration with your ideas, direction, and company’s marketing initiatives. Gain valuable SEO insight from a our group of SEO experts to develop a winning strategy.

It’s time to talk to The SEO Experts about your marketing. Our ROI-centric SEO strategies work whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500. EWR Digital’s success metric is ROI – if your bottom line is not growing, we’re not delivering results. Do not guess if SEO is generating a positive return.

Whether you’re looking for high quality link building, technical SEO, or scalable content creation, EWR Digital is the preferred SEO partner for dozens of high-performing companies.

EWR Digital

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EWR Digital

SEO Company Services FAQ

How to select the right SEO partnership?

Then making the decision to partner with a top enterprise SEO company, you want to find an agency and people that cares about your future success. We developed our skills out of necessity and fellow business owners in other businesses that leverage the online marketplace to grow. We also understand that search engine optimization is a moving target, and we adept and overcome. Much of our SEO Podcast is devoted to staying on top of the news and constantly changing winds, but much like pro pilot have learned to expertly fly through even the most challenging and unpredictable wind, we have honed our skills to confidently keep you at the top of the search engines.

How long does it take for me to see my results with SEO?

Results from SEO can vary based on your market, your competitors, and which keywords you’re wanting to rank for. During our Marketing Strategies Workshops we work with clients to help them determine the best keywords to go after.

Typically though, most campaigns take at a quarter to see measureable results and 6 months for significant movements in the rankings. However, it can take as long as 12 months based on the factors outlined above.

What do I get with my SEO services?

Your SEO services will depend on which SEO package you’re enrolled in.

All of our SEO packages include SEO strategies, onpage SEO, and analytics reporting. Some packages also include offpage SEO, local SEO, and conversion rate optimizations and well as a account manager.

What does SEO cost in 2021?

Your SEO services will vary based on what in included in your statement of work.

Most of our SEO campaigns in 2020 cost between $2500-$7,500/month based on the scope of the project and work on a 3-month rolling bases. A one-time project will range between $5,000-$30,000 and hourly rates for our SEO consultants fall between $90-$175/hour.

Do you provide SEO consulting of in-house teams?
Yes! We work with many internal marketing team to simplify the learning process and workflow to grow your organic presence in the search engines. We can also facilitate in-office training (or Zoom) workshops. Every industry, website and business situation is different, so your SEO process and strategy needs to be customized to fit your needs. Pricing starts at $2500 for a ~3-hour interactive workshop which includes discovery.

What data will you provide me?
Once you’ve signed up for an SEO package you’ll receive access to your Google Data Studio along with a SEO tracker spreadsheet. You’ll also receive detailed ranking reports.
Here are just some examples of the high-value SEO data we collect:

  • Organic traffic
  • Bounce rates
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Mobile rankings
  • Video search rankings
  • Visual search rankings
  • Organic clicks
  • Paid clicks
  • Conversion rates
  • Client data (demographics, behaviors, etc.)
  • Site speed
  • Page speed
  • Index status
  • Google Map rankings
  • Google My Business insights
  • Landing page metrics
  • Crawl errors

Do you use “Black Hat” techniques?

No. We believe the best way to build a successful, sustainable SEO campaign is with proper strategies that reflect Google’s best practices. Quality content is essential and we pride ourselves on creating content that visitors and Google both love.

Looking for the best SEO agency services near you?

The primary differentiator that sets our SEO Agency from other seo agencies that we have broken the “Google Code”. We have developed a methodology and process that has be extremely effective across many different industries that rely on the search engines to grow. We know you have many choices when spending your marketing dollars, and are honored that you have consider EWR Digital. We truly want to help you harness the power of SEO as it is proven to be one of the greatest ROI in digital marketing and should be considered as part of any long term investment in a marketing program

Does SEO actually work?

Yes! Many of our clients have seen significant gains in their rankings, which translates directly into more website visitors.

In fact we helped ROSI move from position 16 to position 1 within 5 months.

What is a better value PPC vs SEO?

Here are the pros and cons:

  • PPC can quickly increase traffic to a specific product or service page in a relatively short period of time.
  • PPC is not ideal as a long-term strategy.
  • PPC is not ideal for brands who are looking to market to a large demographic.
  • SEO is a more sustainable long-term marketing strategy.
  • SEO has a higher conversion rate than PPC ads.
  • SEO provides a higher ROI vs all marketing channels over the long run.



Being a market leader requires initiative. Sign up for your complimentary consultation to start the process of transforming your business with our team of top SEO consultants.

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