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Understanding how to market Bitcoin is important. Depending on your space, you’ll want to know how Bitcoin can be of value. This article will take an approach over a few different markets and show how Bitcoin can be marketed to your potential audience.

While the industry is still new, it certainly has proven itself and will continue to be around for the near future. With that, it is important to understand how it can be an asset to your business.

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Marketing Bitcoin


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If you are in retail and looking to market Bitcoin, there are a few approaches to consider. The first is ease of use. When you market Bitcoin, you’ll want to make it known that it can be done with a simple scan of a code and nothing more. Easy!

Similar to what Uber did – sell the illusion of saving time, and then you will begin seeing a slight shift in consumer sentiment.

Make it known that it can be done with a simple code scan and nothing more.

Also, for those in retail, look to market Bitcoin as a way to save the consumer money. When you utilize a merchant processing company, they are charging you a fraction of a percent per transaction.

With Bitcoin being a peer-to-peer system, you eliminate the middleman and the costs associated, which, in theory, would be trickled down to your customers.

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Financial Technology

Within the financial technology space, this brings with it a whole other level of marketing. Why? Because Bitcoin is as much technological as it is a store of value.

The financial technology space can market Bitcoin in a few ways. That includes acceptance of payment, store of value, or even implementing the blockchain technology into your business.

Implement blockchain technology.

Blockchain is being used within supply chain management, traditional finance, and even medical for the transmittal of information. When marketing Bitcoin, it is also important to bring the blockchain to light, as this is the support behind the famed cryptocurrency.

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Average Consumer

Lastly, knowing how to market to the average consumer is important because once Bitcoin is adopted by the masses, it will unlock greater potential.

That being said, make sure there’s as little friction as possible when you introduce Bitcoin to the average consumer. For example, the marketing approach to utilizing Bitcoin can include the peer-to-peer benefits or how you can send and receive money quickly.

Unlock greater potential.

Also, demonstrating how Bitcoin can be spent easily within your business can leverage not only new people, but also individuals who currently use Bitcoin.

Knowing how to market to your businesses audience is critical because it needs to be executed properly. If left unresearched or done with minimal care, Bitcoin could end up costing you time and energy via advertising.

First identify if your market can benefit from Bitcoin and if so, ensure your advertisements are geared towards their needs.

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