12 Tips For Improving SEO For Law Firms

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is Head of Digital Strategy at EWR Digital. He is a nationally recognized expert in SEO and the Co-Host of the top rated SEO Podcast, "The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing." Author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers with contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Journal and numerous other publications pertaining to digital marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the prime way that marketing is done today. You’ll gain marketing and branding power when you can apply SEO principles to your firm. Understanding SEO for law firms is a huge key to unlocking your business’ full potential. 

Here are some pointers that will make your firm savvy at SEO.

1. Become a Storytelling, Content Creating Machine

Everyone’s digital marketing strategy today should revolve around storytelling. It’s how you connect to people in ways you can’t quantify. 

Your ability to tell a story will dictate the strength and longevity of your brand. 

Start with a strong reason for making your piece of content.

As a rule of thumb, every piece of content you create should be educational, entertaining, or a mixture of both. Make sure always to ask yourself why people should turn to your content over other options.

Hit the reader or viewer with a strong hook once you know your angle. Use facts and figures whenever possible and always create content with compassion and understanding of your audience.

Above all, develop a strong work ethic with lots of content output throughout various outlets.

2. Use Social Media to the Fullest Extent

SEO for Law Firms and social media go hand in hand. 

When you get to know the nuances of each social media platform, you’ll find it easier to connect to the people that use them.

So much brand equity in all business today is built on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Perhaps most importantly, social media is where you get your shares. When you create content that is easily widely shareable on social media, you create more impressions for Google and get more traffic to your brand.

You will dramatically improve your organic search traffic when you can embrace social media. Make social media your hub where you post all of the content you have shared in other locations.

The more active a presence you keep, the more people will want to engage with your law firm and your brand.

Take the time to use custom images whenever possible, since social media platforms are visually driven. Make sure to go live on these platforms frequently to connect with your audience. 

Prioritize authentic participation on your social media sites as well. 

About 60% of big brands don’t respond to the comments people leave on their social media. Talking to clients who leave you comments, negative or positive, shows that you take engagement seriously. 

This can help you steal some would-be clients from your competitors who don’t bother to interact.

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3. Conduct Extensive Research Into the Keywords

Choosing strong keywords will carry you far with any SEO strategy.

Researching the most popular keywords and then using them in your content is how you get customers. 

Start by understanding the most relevant topics for your law firm. For instance, a family law attorney will want to brainstorm topics pertinent to divorce and child support. 

A car accident attorney may want to create topics and search keywords for insurance premiums and statutes of limitations. 

Run your keywords through tools like Ahrefs.

Figure out what sort of value you’ll get from each keyword and start using them throughout your content. Make your content as organic as possible while still finding the best ways to incorporate them liberally. 

The more consistent you are with your keyword use, the better you’ll start to grow your search engine ranking. 

4. Figure Out Your Linking Strategy

The way that you handle your link building will dictate a lot about your search engine optimization success. Using quality links and building backlinks is foundational to any marketing strategy today.

Conscientious link building helps with every major SEO metric. 

The more you learn about things like Domain Authority (DA), the better you’ll be able to put together a linking strategy that works. 

Start by making sure you have a good mix of internal links and external links to use. This will create the link juice you’re looking for.

Linking to authoritative sites externally gets few quality points with Google’s algorithms. Including several quality internal links helps you spread the traffic throughout your website.

Take the time to include keywords in anchor text at least once per post as well. This is when choosing subtle yet powerful keywords will help you out.

Include a mix of do-follow and no-follow links, as they all gain traction when used correctly.

5. Publish a Blog That Has Insightful Content

Having a blog will help you gain more SEO traction than you probably imagined. It keeps your site from becoming static while connecting to your customers in a meaningful way. 

Adding this much personality to your firm will help to cut through the noise. 

According to studies, the law firm business currently holds about $330 billion in collective market value. Establishing yourself as a brand is a matter of pure survival for your firm to stand a chance in a sea of options. 

The personal touch of a blog helps you build brand identity to stand apart from the other law firms. 

Once you decide to author a blog, commit yourself to publish regularly. You should preferably post to your blog no less than four to five times per week. 

This helps your reader become accustomed to a certain schedule and consistency. They will start checking for your content regularly. 

When you have repeat visits, you are more likely also to drum up more business. Create a foundation of high-quality evergreen posts at the outset of your blog. These will serve as pillar posts people can check when they start interacting with your content. 

Use well-searched and high-ranked keywords throughout your blog and always end each post with a strong call to action.

The more value you provide with a blog, the more traffic and SEO ranking it’ll get you long-term. 

6. Get a Web Developer to Test Your Website Speed and Effectiveness

While the content is key, make sure that the site itself runs how it should. A site that is too slow or cumbersome won’t make people want to stick around for the content. 

Your website is more marketable when it can pass speed tests. Hire a web developer that can put your site through a battery of tests to see if it’s equipped to address your firm’s needs. 

Google is liable to ding you if your site has a low page loading speed. Your ratings will also start to plummet when Google realizes that a high number of people are abandoning your site regularly. 

Remaining ahead of the curve with your speed and functionality will help you solve these avoidable problems. 

Have the web developer also grade your site on its design effectiveness. For one, people should be able to quickly access your site and see what it is that you offer. 

Today’s internet user has seemingly unlimited options, so they don’t have long attention spans. Start with broad strokes to quickly answer preliminary questions.

Make the design and navigation easy enough for people to get detailed answers to their questions as they please. Your website is the bread and butter, so don’t shortchange your potential SEO gains by having a hard to use and outdated website.

7. Become an Authority on Quora and Other High-Traffic Forums

Lawyers have to command a certain level of respect and should always convey competency and professionalism. You need to conduct yourself as an authority on every online platform. 

This builds trust and displays the consistency that people like to see from their lawyers. 

Sites like Quora are ripe with the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on the web. These are high traffic sites where people go to have basic questions answered. 

If you regularly answer questions on these platforms, you’ll show your experience and knowledge in the field. These sites let you link back to your own business, making it easy for people to find you. 

This alone creates an excellent pipeline of new traffic while also managing your brand around the web. 

8. Check Out Your Competition’s Strategies

Learning what your competition is doing will help you more than you know. You’ll start to see what keywords they’re using and whether or not it’s working for them. 

You can also study where your competitors are getting backlinks. The greater the pool you have for backlinking opportunities, the easier it’ll be for you to start ranking. 

Study the content strategies that your competitors have put together. Seeing what has helped them will teach you the optimal ways of connecting with your audience.

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9. Always Optimize For Mobile Devices

You’re missing out on so many customers today if you fail to make your web content mobile-friendly. 

The majority of people today use mobile devices. Marketing to people on their native devices builds comfort and trust by improving the navigational experience. 

The mobile market is growing each year, so these devices also bring future brand equity.

Every part of your marketing and content creation should make mobile the top priority if you’re hoping to win big. 

10. Put Some Thought and Consideration Into Your Domain Names

The domain you choose says a lot about you, so give it the thought and consideration it needs. 

Make it catchy, first of all.

Your domain should be easy to remember, to write, and easy to put on a t-shirt. The more of a ring it has to it, the easier it’ll be for people to spread it and mention it. 

Use SEO for Law Firms keywords for your domain name whenever possible. This helps your site spread organically and will make it easier for people to find your content. 

With that said, don’t put so much time into forcing an SEO keyword fit that you make the domain name bland and uninteresting. Put creativity above all when making this decision. 

11. Address Your Local SEO and Professional Profiles

Local search engine optimization is a critical type of marketing — particularly for law firms. 

While several industries are defying geographical boundaries, the law is a field that requires state licenses and involves the understanding of local jurisdictions and authorities. 

Though branding globally, you will always want your SEO to have a local presence. Take advantage of this by making sure your business hours and contact information are accurate for local searches. 

This way, people will know what they are getting from you and can trust your listings. 

Leave a professional impression on law profile sites as well.

Plugin your professional information and make your mission statement clear to the public. Update your LinkedIn profile and profiles for social media sites specific to legal interests. 

The more command you have of your reputation around the web, the better. 

12. Continuously Become an Authority on Your Subject

Finally, keep learning about your field and remaining at the forefront of the conversations. When customers begin to associate you with the area of law they’re researching, you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction. 

This means remaining competent and always being willing to express yourself as such. 

Embrace SEO For Law Firms

These tips will help you when you need SEO for law firms. 

We’re the company you need to reach out to whenever you’re looking to grow your law firm’s profile. At EWR Digital, we’re committed to excellence and would love to help your company reap the benefits.  Take the time to contact us in the “How Can We Help You?” box, or give us a call at (713)592-6724.