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Every day, Instagram gets 3.5 billion likes.

With over 500 million active daily users, Instagram is now one of the most popular platforms on social media and rivals other big players like:

What started as a simple photo-sharing app has evolved into a platform that shares 80 million photos every day and is a great tool for brand building and marketing.

So, how can you use Instagram social media marketing to boost your business?

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Below, we bring you the top 6 social media marketing tips for your Instagram account:

1. Start with a Great Profile Bio

Your bio is your elevator pitch on Instagram. Use action verbs and target keywords so that people can find you. Also, use the link in your bio to connect to a relevant landing page. You can either use it to promote your e-commerce website, collect leads, or collect entries for a contest. With a smart link on your bio you can also go on to add subscribers to your blog.

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2. Stay #Trendy with Hashtags

After you tag your post with a hashtag, you’ll be able to tap the hashtag to see a page that shows all photos and videos people have uploaded with that hashtag.  This is an important social media marketing strategy to stay visible on Instagram.

You can use the “Explore” feature on Instagram to find trending tags. Find ones relevant to your brand or a promotion and include them in your posts. This aids in discovery. Also, using emojis will allow you to connect better with your customers. Communicate with them the way they communicate with each other and you will seem more approachable and human.

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3. Experiment with Different Kinds of Content

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Try to incorporate engagement-based content rather than promotional content. You can mix photos, videos, text, before-and-after images, carousel, Instagram stories, spot-the-difference posts, and more to showcase your products or services. This will maximize your organic reach and also ensure that it engages and entertains your audience.

4. Leverage Sponsored Ads

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Sponsored ads give you an opportunity to target your specific audience within your budget. It is also possible to turn your existing posts into sponsored ads, so keep an eye out for content that does well on your account. Instagram ads that are non-intrusive and engaging enables higher conversion rate at a lower cost.

5. Say Yes to Cross-Promotions

Yes! You must share the love. Don’t hesitate to promote your content to your partners or other companies whose services or products align with yours. This ensures higher recognition, more followers, and increased traffic and sales.

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6. Post Share-worthy Content

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Apart from promoting your products or services, try to post some interesting content coupled with a great image, smart caption, and relevant hashtags. If your post has new bits of knowledge or some interesting trivia, it can become viral in no time.

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