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When people think of branding they often ask what goes into a brand. Is it your logo? Perhaps it’s your color palette? Maybe it’s the style of your marketing collateral.

The answer is it’s all of those combined. This is why it’s important to have consistency between all of the aspects of your brand. When you achieve brand consistency, customers can better relate and appreciate your brand, which in turn leads to customer retention.

If you’re looking to increase customer retention, and in turn increase your profits it’s time to build a successful brand.





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Most businesses know branding is important, but few actually understand how it affects their bottom line. Successful branding correlates with your ability to increase customer retention, which can drastically increase your profits. According to the Harvard Business Journal, increasing customer retention rates by only 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%!

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In order to create a newly-enhance brand for Hestia, much like any home improvement project, we worked with the Founders to set a variety of objectives:

  • Understand remodel customer motivations and reasons for choosing Hestia
  • Design a brand that would reflect Hestia’s core values and resonate with their customers
  • Help Hestia grow their business to additional cities throughout Texas
  • Provide Hestia with brand architecture that would translate to marketing touchpoints in order to successfully roll out their new brand in a timely manner

Build Your Brand

Building and maintaining your brand takes time and expertise. You can’t build a brand overnight, so don’t wait until it’s too late for your brand to be able to impact your business.

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Successful brands are built by combining human psychology with design. This is achieved by understanding the target audience so the designs will resonate with them.

When your brand can impact customers on an emotional level it increases the likelihood that they’ll purchase from you.


To build a successful brand we first need to understand your target audience, your company values, and what separates your business from your competitors. This data is the driving force into every detail of your brand.


While your logo is only one aspect of your brand, it is easily the most visible. This is why it’s important you have a well designed logo.


Maintaining brand consistency is a difficult, continuous task. Luckily tools, such as your brand guide, will help you in this endeavour. By documenting all the elements of your brand, you can feel confident that any designer or agency will be able to create designs that match your brand.


Whether it’s your business card, letterhead, sales materials, digital ads, or website, every aspect of your marketing needs to be consistent. Regardless if it’s digital or printed collateral, our team has the skill set needed to create amazing, on brand designs for you.

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Building a successful brand requires a variety of elements working together in unison.


Your brand will only be effective if it resonates with your target customers and it communicates your unique values. Identifying both can be a challenge sometimes so we’ll work with you to establish these two critical elements.


Logo development requires collaboration between you and your designer, which is why the sketching phase is important. Sketching allows us to quickly iterate and refine your logo.


The logo vector phase is when your logo comes to life. During this process we’ll finalize the look and colors of your logo.


Your color palette conveys a lot of hidden meaning to your customers, so it’s important to get it right.


Sans-serif, serif, handwritten. They may not mean much to you, but the typefaces of your brand are important if you want them to resonate with your customers.


People like seeing themselves in your marketing materials. This is why the imagery you use should have people who look like your target audience.


Keeping your brand consistent over time can be challenging, so we’ll document all the elements of your brand for you.


A great looking brand is worthless if it’s not shown to others. When you develop your brand it’s essential you update all your collateral as well.

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The Branding Process

Step 1 – Initial Consultation & Onboarding

During this step we discuss your target audience, current brand and how updating your brand will help you accomplish your goals.


Step 2 – Project Scope & Ideation

Branding covers a large area of marketing, so we work with you to determine which aspects of branding will be needed for the project. The goal is to establish a scope of work and a list of branding deliverables.


Step 3 – Initial Designs

For every deliverable you’ll receive a set of initial designs. If needed, we’ll go through a round of revisions to ensure the design aligns with your goals and target audience.

Some designs may also require proper testing (A/B testing, surveys, etc) to ensure the new brand properly alings with the target audience.


Step 4 – Execution

Once all the concepts are approved, we’ll recreate the branded materials percisely to their specifications.

If you need any branded materials printed we can assist you with that as well.


Step 5 – Analysis

We’ll perform data analysis to ensure your new branding accomplishes it’s goals.

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Corporate Identity FAQ

How long does the branding process take?

From start to finish, the branding process typically takes 3 – 4 months. This includes customer research, logo design, rebranded collateral, and an official brand launch.

Why should I pay you all for a logo when I can get one on Fiverr or 99designs?

Logos from Fiverr and 99designs typically are templated designs, developed without any brand strategy, and are rarely formatted correctly. Without a proper brand strategy, your logo and brand will not generate the impact you’re looking for.

What is a Brand Guide and do I really need one?

Your Brand Guide informs designers how to properly apply your brand to a design. This ensures brand consistency across all your marketing channels, which is critical for brand development.

How will I know that I’ll love my new logo design?

We know designs are an iterative process. So, our brand development process provides you ample opportunities for revisions and feedback.


Another thing to remember is that in the end your customers need to love your logo more than you. This is why we also do a customer survey before we start designing your brand.

Will I be able to copyright my logo?

Yes! All of our logo designs are original creations, so you are free to copyright your logo.

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