User Experience Design Audit

Improve your customers experiences. Improve your conversions.

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What is a User Experience Design Audit?

User Experience Design is critical to your digital marketing success. A user’s experience with your website has a direct impact on the probability they convert into a customer.

A User Experience Design Audit uses established heuristics, research, and design trends to identify issues on your website. The audit details everything you need to fix and the best ways to implement those changes. Think of it as a cheat sheet for making your website into a lead converting machine!

Why get a User Experience
Design Audit?

UX Design Audits help you:

  • Identify where users are getting frustrated with your website
  • Know if your website is up to date regarding the latest UX trends
  • Find bottlenecks in your website’s sales funnel

Which all leads to higher conversions!

Scope of Service

Information Architecture & Site Navigation Efficiency

Based on our knowledge of best usability practices we’ll show you where you are losing customers or missing out on conversion opportunities as a result of how your site is structured. Additionally, we will analyze the current customer goal completion process (checkouts, form submissions etc. ) to identify key opportunities for improvement

Persona Based User Flow

We will learn and understand your target demographic, and suggest changes of how to optimize your website to successfully convert your key personas.

Key Performance Improvement Insights

We will analyze and identify high traffic points on your website to show crucial improvements that can be made to improve performance and conversion.

Accessibility Shortcomings For Various User Personas

We will provide detail on fonts, colors, buttons, and other crucial improvements that will increase user adoption on your site/platform.

User Experience Insights for Improved Conversion Rates and Increased ROI

We will do a broad assessment on the website as a whole to identify areas where customer/user experience can be improved to increase revenue

Short Term Site Enhancements

This will focus on changes that can be made within a short turnaround time (1 month) to see immediate improvements to your business

Long Term Site Improvement Suggestions

This will focus on adjustments that may require a minimum of 6 months turn around depending on your internal team’s resourcing. We will explain the how, what, and where the changes are to be made in a detailed document as part of the UX Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact with a User Experience Design Audit have on my business?

A user’s experience with your website is directly tied to the likelyhood of them converting into a customer. So, by improving the user experience you increase your conversion rates.

What do I need to provide for a User Experience Design Audit?

For us to provide you the most effective audit we need access to the following:

  • Website Access so we can setup heatmapping (which tracks how users are interacting with your website)
  • Google Analytics

Those two give us the data and insights necessary to perform an audit.

Can I make my own User Experience Design changes?

Absolutely! Your audit is yours to keep and do with what you want.

Of course if you’d like for this to be a white-glove approach we will help you implement all the changes found in your audit.

Service Information


A complete UX audit report document comprising the results of the audit described above including:

  • Recommendations for usability/accessibility improvements
  • Screen captures with annotated recommendations for improved UX
  • Recommendations for improved user experience for select personas
  • Suggestions for improving website conversion rate
  • Short and long term recommendations for the website or platform




30 days from start of project