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Market Strategies Workshop at EWR Digital


Foundational Workshops are great for gaining insights into your customer’s motivation and decision making to purchase your products and services.

Customer’s purchasing decisions can consist of branding, positioning, value proposition, available competition, and other factors. We interpret the data associated with these variables to learn more, define, and confirm your market segments.

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Corporate Identity

Your content and messaging informs users about your brand and who you are. When potential customers are searching for you online they are assessing your credibility and forming an impression.

We develop a content strategy in line with your guidelines and objectives to drive conversion. We capture your brand’s essence and experience with accurate, concise, and telling language to promote your organization’s brand strength and promise.

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Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is a CX tool that provides valuable user insight by gathering information about customer goals and objectives, and by capturing the emotional aspects of user interaction.

The journey map is a visual representation that describes the experience of a user by highlighting various different touchpoints. This knowledge helps a design team identify and prioritize tasks and features that can provide the most value.

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Corporate Identity Workshop at EWR Digital

Why Marketing Workshops are Important

Every marketing campaign needs a strategy behind it — the better the strategy the better the results. But not all marketing strategies are equal.

The best marketing campaigns are those that take the time to understand the goals of the campaign, use data to drive decision making, and create a comprehensive roadmap of what needs to be accomplished.

That’s where your Marketing Workshop comes in.

Let our marketing experts help you craft a marketing strategy that’s setup for success. We combine data with the latest marketing techniques to ensure the roadmap we provide is your best bet for a successful campaign.

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Marketing Workshop FAQ

What is the benefit of doing a Marketing Workshop?

You wouldn’t start building a house without blueprints and laying a foundation correct?

Marketing Workshops are your blueprints and the foundation for your marketing success. By analyzing data and building comprehensive plans you’ll walk away from your workshop with the knowledge needed to succesfully implement your new strategies.

How long do Marketing Workshops last?

Most Marketing Workshops last 4 hours.

This gives us the required time to dive deep into the strategies you’ll need to deploy for your campaign.

Who needs to be involved in a Marketing Workshop?

For all Marketing Workshops we require attendance from all major decision makers involved with the campaign.

Is a Marketing Workshop required before you'll work with me?

Usually, but it depends.

In most cases we require you to complete a Marketing Workshop with us before we can begin your campaign. We need to properly plan the campaign to ensure it has the best chance at success.