Corporate Identity Workshop

Corporate Identity Workshop

Branding & Positioning

EWR Digital believes that your content and messaging informs users about your brand and who you are.. When potential customers are searching for you online they are assessing your company’s credibility and forming an impression. As businesses begin to get a handle on the foundations of their digital marketing strategy, they often find that their content or website isn’t getting the results they would like. Content is the essential foundation of marketing campaigns, serving as the primary vehicle for your company, products and services to communicate their value. We develop a content strategy in line with your guidelines and objectives to drive conversion. We capture your brand’s essence and experience with accurate, concise, and telling language to promote your organization’s brand strength and promise.

Corporate Identity Workshop

Inculded in this workshop

Does the visual design communicate the company’s position and brand message? Does the appearance of style and design conform to your brand identity? Does the structure and order of the navigational journey convey a logical priority of content? Is the user more informed or equipped to make a better decision after they have visited your site?

Information Architecture

Brand Positioning Strategy

Digital Asset Inventory


Brand Pillars

Aesthetic Appeal

Content Roadmap

Website Navigation

This interactive workshop is designed to clearize your brand message and develop congruence with your brand across all marketing channels and coleratoral online and off starting with your website!