Case Study – SEO


The goal of this SEO campaign was to rank this page: into the top 3 positions in Google over a 3 month campaign, for the keyword “Office Furniture Houston”. 

The keyword has a monthly search volume of 1600. In order to bring high quality converting traffic to the website we had to reduce the spam level to the site which was highly toxic. Time was essential since we needed to reduce the spam leve before Google marked the site as toxic. 


The Challenge was to move the ranking page from the top of page 2 (position 16) to one of the top 3 positions in Google in 3 months.


Strategy & Tactics

The overall objective was to build new and relevant content, through the use of on and off page blogs, competitor link building (to the page we were targeting), a video, and citation/link building of high quality links. 

  • Disavowing links 
  • Siloing content 
  • Updated images 
  • New Meta Descriptions
  • Off Page Link building



    They are currently in position 1 for the targeted term.