Case Study – PPC


Elite MMA came to use as they were evaluating a 6+ year relationship with the largest PPC agency in Houston. They would looking to get more bang for their buck related to SEO and PPC.


They were currently spending almost 67 thousand dollars generating 181 leads with a 3% conversion rate with a cost per click of $1.26 with an annual value per customer of $2400. This was already a 549.11% return on their money, but they wanted to reduce paid ads and shift the spending to more SEO so that over time they would not have to keep, “feeding the beast”. They also didn’t want to give up any of those leads so we had to build a better campaign.  

Strategy & Tactics

Through careful analysis of the data we found keywords that had a high converatablity rate, discovered keywords that seemed to look good at first but they could not close the final sale on. We already improved the geographic targets and income demographics as well as the time of day the days ran. In addition to a number of best practices we have seen with other campaigns we manage.  

Message Alignment

One of the things we did is investigate the buyer behavior behind why people would submit a form where they were looking for mixed martial arts or a kickboxing class or maybe they wanted to just get in shape. Discovery the campaign was hyper focused as well as the ads copy on “hard core” MMA people when now we needed to expand the market as well as go after specific long tail key phrases. We also had rebuilt their website as it was really more of a schedule for current members and did not focus, we build the new website as a number of different landing pages for each type of mixed martial arts and then rapped it together with the brand and only added the calendars for each location to the specific location pages. This enticed a broader audience to consider MMA as a workout option.  


In 2019, we a budget that was more than half, spending a total of $30,092.14 vs the $66,991,86 previous year we produced over 153 ads that produced a return on investment of over 1125.58% We not only met their budget they increased their overall spending with us by over 40% to over 150K dollars.