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This article was written by guest contributor Anubhuti Shrivastava of Arkenea.

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Comprehensive marketing strategies have become integral for entrepreneurs in order to attain steady business growth and exposure. Well, the tech-driven landscape has given a plethora of opportunities and platforms to marketers for executing seamless marketing campaigns and initiatives.

It’s easy to market a tangible product, but what about promoting services without any physical presence? Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about SaaS company marketing strategies.

Nowadays, SaaS enterprises have come into the mainstream. Here are just a few well-known subscription-based models:

  • Intercom
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • CoSchedule
  • Autopilot

Marketing “invisible” products can be extremely daunting, but it’s not impossible. Below, we list a few tips which SaaS marketers can use to optimize their marketing plans in order to reach and convert maximum customers.

What Is SaaS Marketing?

Before diving deep, let’s look at the basics.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model where companies provide users with the ability to connect with cloud apps or other software products and platforms over the internet through licensing or subscription.

Here, the SaaS vendor is completely responsible for maintaining the product which is opposite to marketing on-premise software solutions where it’s a customer’s duty to look after the product once it’s purchased.

SaaS is a business model where companies allow users to connect with cloud apps or other software products and platforms over the internet through licensing or subscription.

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How is SaaS Marketing  Different From Other Marketing?

It’s clear that SaaS marketing is all about promoting SaaS products, which are intangible.

This form of marketing is unique because marketing pros can’t keep on highlighting the new functionality and features of the products. Instead, they need to pay attention to the way in which their SaaS product will solve users’ pain points.

Moreover, SaaS marketers must have a complete understanding of their USP (unique selling proposition).

Also, they need to educate and keep their prospects well-informed on the specific features of the products and how they are better than similar alternatives available on the market.

SaaS vendors can’t afford to acquire new customers every time; hence, it’s integral for them to retain their existing client base.

SaaS focuses on marketing intangible products and services.

The SaaS Customer Lifecycle

According to Cobloom, the SaaS customer lifecycle can be divided into nine stages.

Let’s have a look at the SaaS growth funnel:

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Source: Cobloom

Marketing experts can optimize each of these funnel stages and grab more quality leads which can be nurtured with a CRM for SaaS businesses.

Such a tool can streamline the customer relationship management for your SaaS venture and allows you to keep track of leads and manage communication for converting more customers into permanent subscribers.

What Are the Key Objectives of a SaaS Marketing Plan?

What are the Benefits of Having a Comprehensive SaaS Marketing Strategy?

A comprehensive SaaS marketing strategy is driven by a few crucial objectives which have to be accomplished. Let’s see the three major ones:

1. Seamless Customer Management & Communication

  • Foster Long-Term Relationships

Developing a healthy relationship with existing customers is one of the primary goals of a SaaS marketing plan. SaaS marketers must focus on satisfying their customers on a regular basis so that they never think of leaving their platform. Their ultimate goal is to keep clients happy and serving them for the longest duration.

“Software-as-a-Service is about Service (not Product)” – Chuck DeVita (President – Growth Process Group & SaaS Sales & Marketing Thought Leader)

2. Building Brand Awareness to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Contemporary Competitive Landscape

SaaS marketing professionals must put sincere efforts into building brand awareness, as the USP can only make their business dominate others in the marketplace. They should leverage multiple channels to build awareness for their brands.

According to a report by Drift published on Marketing Charts compiled the top 10 tools leveraged by leading SaaS businesses. In this list, Marketo, an automation software for building brand awareness through better engagement, is at number three. Let’s look at these top tools:

Top 10 Tools Used by Leading SaaS Business - EWR Digital
Source: MarketingCharts

You can either purchase a ready-made suite for building your tech marketing stack or hire software developers to custom create a tailored one which suits your specific business requirements. Read this detailed guide on how to hire software developers if you don’t have that experience already.

Experienced programmers can easily build a tech-driven marketing platform seamlessly integrated with other systems which can help you in building brand awareness for your SaaS business.

3. Lead Generation to Build a Robust Sales Pipeline

  • Better Conversions
  • Better Customer Retention

Leads being the backbone to a SaaS business, the marketers have to design and develop multiple demand generation tactics to identify the sales-ready buyers and eliminate the doubtful researchers.

They have to think beyond offering free trials and focus on creating premium content, hosting webinars, begin guest posting, etc. for grabbing quality leads. Also, they should concentrate on developing a high-converting landing page integrated with strong CTAs which can easily attract potential customers.

In addition, SaaS marketers should also offer users with informational ebooks and live chat support which will encourage the already excited leads to interact with you. You can look after these quality leads with one of the top CRM tools and build a sales pipeline for your SaaS business which is brimming with leads ready to get converted and take a permanent subscription.

How Content Marketing Can Fix All This

Seamless content marketing can be your ultimate weapon to build brand awareness and generate demand for your SaaS venture.

According to Medium, the 2016 State of Inbound report given by HubSpot revealed that content optimization is the third priority for SaaS companies. Let’s look at the image below to get a better idea:

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Source: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/0*Yos9hHExLC4HcoMx.png


SaaS marketing pros can harness the power of data and identify different segments to create multiple sets of targeted audiences based on their locations, behavior, preferences, buying habits, and more.

All these customers can be reached individually by providing them with relevant, personalized content in accordance with their specific needs. Optimized content can motivate these customers to consider your plan and subscribe to the model immediately.

Having a well-designed SaaS marketing plan can be extremely helpful in getting more subscribers to your products, but remember to determine your specific business requirements and the market scenario before creating a marketing strategy for your SaaS business, as it can either make or break the customers’ experience.

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