Web Design Traits Of 2016

By Vicky Carrillo

By Vicky Carrillo

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Web Design 2016

We have been doing web design and internet marketing since 1999. Even as I write this piece, those seventeen years might not seem like much to some businesses. For full-service internet marketing companies like ours, however, it is hard to find any other industry that has changed so much in such a short amount of time.

In 1999, for example, the mighty tech giant, Google, was still in Beta. If you wanted to crawl the web you had to go to AltaVista, Magellan, Lycos, Yahoo, or MSN. And forget about mobile, smartphones with web browsers didn’t go mainstream until the early 2000s, and the popular iPhone (with touch screen) didn’t hit the market until 2007.

To be completely honest, to say that a lot has changed in web design since then would be an understatement. In all that time, however, one thing remained true: our agency’s genuine desire to see our clients succeed. We shifted from ‘websites that looks great’ to ‘websites that perform great’.

Now here we are, 2016, and we are completely results driven. We even changed our name from E-Webstyle to EWR Digital, because in the end, ‘nothing matters except results’. And the best website design in the world doesn’t mean a thing if no one ever sees it.

So, without further ado, I’m happy to share with you our current top five traits of successful web design, 2016.

5 Most Successful Traits of Web Design 2016

  1. Logo The logo is fundamental, and we always try to incorporate a logo design, update, or refresh in every web design package we do. The logo needs to speak directly and immediately to the client’s target audience, but it is something they need to be proud of, too.
  2. Color Scheme Once we have our logo, we try to match 2-3 colors in the web design theme to it, while doing our best to avoid colors we know are distracting, unassociated with the industry, or just plain ugly. With those colors in mind, we look for a complementary color for our call-to-action buttons, again, avoiding any typical stop-colors, such as red, or non-colors, such as black.
  3. Navigation Our best web designs produce great results through simple navigation. Our goal is to give the user a pleasant experience while navigating through any of our sites by providing an easy access to any of the pages, form requests and contact, feature items or services, supporting material, company info and social media.
  4. Display Currently, our designs feature a 1170 pixel width. This covers more than 96.7% of the screens and monitors currently on the market today. Our responsive design ensures 100% of users see the site as intended.
  5. Resolution All of our web graphics have a 72 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. This shows the attractive image details, but loads quickly due to the smaller file sizes.

Designing a Great Website

For us, a great web design or internet marketing campaign always starts with a creative call, where we gather all the information we can about the company, its mission, its target market, and what our overall goals will be. It is only after this process has been completed and documented does the design process start. We typically have a mock-up of the new website within a week.

In order to create the most perfect and functional website for each client, however, when a website mock-up first leaves the graphic designer, it passes to several other internal team members. There, the original creative brief is reviewed alongside the website mock-up. We review all areas, including call-to-actions, featured items/services, sliders, request forms, social media icons, and all other core elements of a great web design.

Once the client approves the new design, it goes straight to our talented development and programming teams. There they turn the creative mock-up into a living, breathing website. And by living and breathing, of course we mean mobile-friendly, fast-downloading, search-engine-optimized, and conversion-focused, user-friendly website design.

Is Your Website Design Working Hard Enough for your Business?

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