Top-Level Digital Marketing: The Fundamentals of Enterprise SEO

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram, local keynote speaker, personal brand consultant, and author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers, is the co-owner and majority shareholder of EWR Digital, a digital marketing agency based out of Houston.
Top-Level Digital Marketing: The Fundamentals of Enterprise SEO

An enterprise business requires an enterprise website. Like all other company websites, an enterprise website will need enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to realize its organizational goals. 

Enterprise SEO involves a large-scale strategy of driving traffic from search results that appear on the search engines. It’s more about the pages of the website and less about the physical size of the company. A company can have thousands of indexed web pages if it has an online store for its products. 

Large corporations need a powerful SEO strategy, especially if their web presence is extensive. Learn the fundamentals of enterprise SEO for big business. 

Conduct a Thorough Website SEO Audit

A website audit will help you strategize on your optimization strengths and weaknesses. The audit should show you what pages easily come up in search engines and what pages need to be improved. With this insight, you can establish an SEO plan for enhancing your website’s ranking on search engines. 

While doing the audit, you must analyze your website from these two standpoints. They will provide you with insight into what you need to optimize. 

  • Average Site SEO: Establish a benchmark you want to use to analyze your website content. Using this benchmark, optimize content from the least performing pages going up. 
  • High-Value Content: Optimize your website by auditing content value to ensure all web pages have high-value content. Optimize the content on low-performing pages to transform them into high-value content. 

Choosing Your Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is an important part of traditional SEO as well as enterprise SEO. You should focus on selecting high and medium-tail keywords.   

Take T-Mobile’s website, for instance. T-Mobile has thousands of web pages dedicated to selling mobile phones, with each phone having its dedicated webpage. Check out this URL for the iPhone 11 Pro on the T-Mobile website; The URL constitutes certain keywords that include the website’s main keyword being ‘phones tablets devices.’

The brand’s name follows it as ‘Apple,’ then the individual product being ‘iPhone 11 Pro’. By constructing and applying this URL structure for all phones, T-Mobile makes sure that its important keywords are included in most of its web pages. 

Analyze Organic Keyword Traffic

It’s very important that you analyze keyword traffic using Google Search Console Data. Here are a few filters you should apply while analyzing keyword traffic to your site. 

  • Clicks: Clicks will highlight the specific keywords that will drive visitor traffic to your website. This means that web users are searching for these keywords land on your site frequently.
  • Position: Position can indicate how your content ranks in search engines. If your website isn’t on the first page of results after looking for a valuable keyword, then you should optimize that keyword. 
  • Impressions: A lot of impressions will show you which search keywords are popular among web users. With this, you should be able to take advantage of optimizing the keyword. 
  • Clickthrough Rate: A high clickthrough rate means search keywords are aligned with your site content. If not, you should take advantage of and optimize these keywords. 

Enterprise SEO Requires Good Content 

Constantly creating and publishing content is very important for enterprise SEO. Having a blog page on the company’s website is ideal for attracting traffic to your website. A blog is an easy way to create a constant supply of SEO-worthy content.

Blog posts are a lot more engaging than other pages. They are also a good way of commanding authority as an industry leader. All forms of content such as pictures, videos, and text can be published on your blog pages. 

Try to incorporate infographics, white papers, and slideshows in your blog posts. The more dynamic your content is, the better your website SEO performance will be. Research has also shown that the more time users spend on your website, the higher your website will rank across related search results. 

It’s good to mix both short and long-form content. Still, it’s advisable to try out different types of content to see what will work for you and your audience. Make sure that the content is relatable, original, engaging, and valuable to the user.  

Competitor Analysis 

It’s important to analyze your competitors’ SEO efforts to observe how well they perform against you. A competitor analysis will show you how valuable keywords are optimized in your industry. Your competition is a goldmine of data that can advise how you go about your SEO strategy. 

First, begin by identifying your competition and where they rank on search engines. Secondly, make sure that you filter the competitor analysis using keywords. You want to find out which keywords are driving organic traffic to your competitors’ websites. 

Don’t forget to analyze which content from your competitor is popular. From this information, you can formulate a good strategy based on what you feel will help your SEO efforts, what will not, and what promising opportunities are there.

It’s also good to track position changes in keyword ranks to note any performance improvements. 

SEO Is Not Difficult

The hefty nature of enterprise websites can appear daunting at first. The numerous web pages are hard to optimize and maintain. Search engine algorithms are also getting smarter, and the competition for a place on Page 1 is more fierce now than it has ever been.

The titanic sizes of enterprise websites should not deter marketers from getting into enterprise SEO. With these approaches and strategies, you can get to the top of the search engines over time.Feel free to check out our page if you need SEO services, social media marketing, and many other services that will improve your overall online presence.