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With Halloween rapidly approaching, it’s time to get spooky and start thinking about your costume.

For the eWeb team, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a costume fueled by our internet marketing obsession. Read on below to check out our top ten list of the best marketing-themed Halloween costumes.

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Top 10 Marketing Halloween Costumes

Google costume - EWR Digital

#10 – Google

Who doesn’t love the
#1-ranked Search Engine in the business? Google is the perfect group costume, and it’s easy and cheap to make.

Simply grab a white tee and pants, paint or print a letter onto each t-shirt, and you’re done! And it’s perfect for larger groups, too. Just add more Os (like you often see in really long search results)!

Google page numbers - EWR Digital

You’ll definitely win a “Best Group Costume” award with this one.

#9 – Spam

As we’ve discussed previously, spam is Google’s worst enemy. Why would you want to be spam for Halloween? Well, sometimes it’s just fun to play the villain.

So whether it’s spammy links, bad anchor text, keyword stuffing, or something else, you’re sure to get laughs dressing up as spam for Halloween:

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#8 – YouTube

We all love YouTube. And there’s no better way to show your appreciation for the social media channel than to choose it as your Halloween costume. Check it out:

YouTube Costume - EWR Digital
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Baby with spider costume - EWR Digital

#7 – Spider

The itsy bitsy spider crawled through the URLs

Identified the hyperlinks and built the crawl frontier

Visited the websites and indexed every page

Then archived the content into a repository

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#6 – White Hat/Black Hat

Whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch, these marketing Halloween costumes mean you don’t have to choose.

Of course, here at EWR Digital, we prefer White Hat techniques, like:

  • keyword analysis
  • backlinks
  • link building
  • intriguing, informative content

White Hat SEO – Ethical optimization strategies that focus on human audiences


Black Hat SEO – Unethical optimization strategies that only focus on search engines and not people

#5 – 404 Error

If you’re too lazy, can’t afford a costume, or simply don’t want to put that much effort into it, this one’s for you.

Just grab a white t-shirt and write on it “Error 404: Costume Not Found.”

Voila! Instantly, you have an easy, cheap costume that will get you in the door to your next Halloween costume party.

Error 404 Costume - EWR Digital

#4 – Brand Police

Handling reputation management at your company? This is the perfect costume for you.

Brand police - EWR Digital

#3 – Social Media Channels

Calling all social media channel addicts! Another great group costume idea, this one is perfect for the office.

Grab a t-shirt and throw a social media channel’s logo on it. Pair with some pants or a skirt and voila – instant costume!

Here are a few examples:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
Social media girls - EWR Digital

#2 – Instagram Post

Are you obsessed with Instagram and hashtags and sharing your life in pictures? This costume should be right up your alley.

Instagram Profile costume - EWR Digital

#1 – Leads Form

Popup costume - EWR Digital

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