Should You Develop Landing Pages for all Paid Campaigns?

The Value of Landing Page Development

Landing page development can often be quite crucial during a paid campaign. However, while some in the industry find them essential, others disagree. Dissenters often comment that their homepage is seen as the “virtual business card” they present to the world. Supporters argue that a homepage constantly in flux with new information becomes confusing. Driving traffic to a landing page can happen in a myriad of different ways – through CTA (calls to action), email marketing, Facebook and other social media, guest blogging, and more. The value of a landing page is clear in that it gives your customers a specific hub for a specific need they are looking to satisfy, but first, let’s discuss what they are.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page where you are working to land traffic. During a paid campaign, you might use a landing page to do one of two things: 1) get leads that allow you to market to people in the future; or 2) “warm up” potential customers to whatever product you’re attempting to sell to them before diving into the literal sale. The two types of landing page are referred to as “Lead Generation” and “Click-Through” respectively.

Lead generation landing pages offer the customer a trade: their contact information for something they want, whether that is a downloadable e-book, photo gallery, or any other form of media or incentive. This is a win-win; both the customer and the company receive benefits here – it gives the customer something they want while also providing the organization with a way to continue talking to the customer.

Click-through landing pages engage the customer in more of a “warm-up” process. In other words, they don’t jump straight into a hard sale. First, they provide the customer with the benefits of their product and other information in order to persuade them to click the call-to-action once they’re done.

Why Landing Page Development Isn’t Always the Right Choice

As previously stated above, while landing page development is usually the right choice, we disagree that it is always the right choice for every organization. Like people, organizations and even specific paid campaigns are all different. These decisions are contextual, not one-size-fits-all. It absolutely depends on what your call to action is and what product you are trying to sell.

Industries such as home renovation do not operate under the same sales process as perhaps a clothing company would. In these industries, the process to even reach the call-to-action stage takes much longer. Often customers must do research before committing to a sale, making sure it’s right for them, their family, their home, or their specific situation. Making a sales pitch too soon when you’re in an industry that requires a consumer to do a lot of information-gathering prior to taking action can mean the loss of that customer. In other words, a click-through page will not offer potential customers the amount of security they need in order to make a large purchase that quickly. They need more time.

Instead of focusing on a single objective – the sale – give the customer what they need: more information. This is best accomplished through email subscription communications and other informative content; a click-through page is just not enough in some of these situations.

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