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EWR Digital is extremely excited to share with you our plan to help SHATTER the Guinness World Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours in partnership with the UP Social Network.

BUT, we need your help!

The record currently stands at 70 interviews, achieved by Doug “Groovey” Newville in July 2014.

Given the right amount of interview participants AND fundraising to meet the $10,000 Guinness entry fee, Chris and Nolen intend to DESTROY this record with 300+ TV interviews in just 24 hours.

Our very own Chris Burres will co-host this world record bid with long time business associate, Nolen Davis.

You can PLEDGE & PARTICIPATE through our Kickstarter campaign.

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The SEO Podcast Connection

Chris Burres – Official Co-Host of World Record Attempt

Chris Burres is the owner and founder of EWR Digital, our Houston based internet marketing agency. He is also the co-host of the most downloaded internet marketing podcast on iTunes, the Best SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Chris’ intimate knowledge of internet marketing, his long standing history as SEO podcast host since 2009, and ability to talk endlessly, make him an ideal candidate to help decimate this record. Chris is also the co-founder of SES Research, the leading supplier of Carbon Fullerenes on the planet, as well as co-founder of the UP Social Network, the official organization making this world record bid.

Nolen Davis – Official Co-Host of World Record Attempt

Nolen, like Chris, is a self-made enterpreneur and podcast personality. In addition to founding the UP Social Network, Nolen is also the founder of Vids Inc, a Houston based corporate video production company. As for his own ability to hold down a 24 hour interview challenge, he has interviewed celebrities such as George Foreman and Les Brown, as well as emcee’d various festivals and events. Most notably, he is the creator and blog talk radio show host of Creative Biz ideas, the Perfect Gentleman TV show, and even a motivational platform for children called Step Up to Greatness. Nolen’s positivity, persistence, and natural panache make him naturally suited to help dominate this world record.

The UP Social Network

Making this world record attempt possible for the most TV interviews in twenty-four hours is the UP Social Network. The brain child of Nolen and Chris, UP Social is a new kind of networking group. It leverages internet marketing and live stream social media with the power of networking. It truly is the future of business networking.

How You Can Help – Make a Kickstarter Pledge

Without the pledges and participation of business owners and brand managers from Houston and around the world, this attempt will not be possible. As mentioned above, the entrance fee and licensing for Guinness alone is $10,000, then add to this venue rental, equipment, refreshments, and promotional material, and we’re almost at $12,000.

Please visit our Kickstarter page where you can learn more about how pledging to help our bid simultaneously helps you grow your business. Additionally, all interview participants will have their application fee waved to become a part of the UP Social Networking group. We hope you can be a part of history and make this world record attempt a success!

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Help Us Break the Guinness World Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours | EWR Digital