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Are you looking to expand your marketing strategy but don’t want to use Google? When it comes to marketing, most people think of Google and its robust advertising system. In fact, if you talk about professional marketing long enough, someone will doubtless bring up Google. Yet, some choose to undergo marketing without Google. They do this for many reasons, but their successes have proven one thing: marketing without Google is possible.

If this sounds like something you want to do, you’re probably curious about how to go about it. 

We’ve compiled the top advice for digital marketing below.

Are you ready to change your marketing strategy? Read on if you’d like to learn more!

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Use A Google Alternative

Most marketing departments use Google because it allows them to place ads at the top of the world’s most popular search engine.

And yet, Google AdWords is far from the only ad marketing software. Others can get you similar results and maybe even reduce your cost per click (CPC).

This has its own set of advantages. After all, some users use Bing and not Google. Using Bing’s ad network allows you to reach an audience you never would otherwise.

Another option is to use ad features on social media sites. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram each have the built-in ability to create ads. 

Because of this, you can perform online marketing without Google. However, you’ll have to rework your strategy a little bit.

Focus More On Your SEO

Speaking of reworking your strategy, have you considered improving your search engine rankings?

Search engines all have algorithms that evaluate and sort web content. The main goal is to provide users with relevant, quality information when they enter a query into the search bar.

The higher your site ranks in search engine searches related to your services, the more likely you will get a visitor. Once you have them on your site, there’s a chance they might become a customer.

Being at the top of the search engines requires hard work, and it’s stiff competition. After all, every single company wants to be at the top of the search engines.

Fortunately, though, there’s a way to improve your chances

Search engine optimization is a process where businesses improve their search engine rankings. It includes writing SEO-friendly titles and meta tags as well as having links in your content. 

These methods, when properly implemented, can drive more potential customers to your business.

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Run E-mail Campaigns

Running an e-mail campaign might seem like an old school idea in 2020, but it can still be effective. 

Once you have a list of people you know are interested in your product, you can send them periodic e-mails with updates and offers. This keeps your client base invested in your company and prompts them to buy from you.

Going To Try Marketing Without Google?

By now, you are aware that there are many ways marketing without Google can work for you.

So, are you in? If so, we want to help you! We specialize in assisting you in expanding your online presence. Contact us and let us know how we can be of service!