How a Good Website Design Helps Your Business

A Great Website Designs Helps Make You Money

When it comes to generating profitable internet marketing results, having a great website design is one of the most important aspects.

In today’s information economy, EVERY business is expected to have a presence in the online marketplace.

From enterprise corporations to taco trucks, garage bands to professional athletes, and local businesses to public parks, everything has a web presence. If you do not, it is only a matter of time before Facebook and Google automatically create this presence for you, ready to ask, ‘is this your business?’ — ready to post reviews, like it or not.

At the heart of almost every business’, web presence MUST BE a privately owned and controlled website. This is important to note, because social media platforms and free websites, while convenient and powerful, are controlled by the platform company. This means that they can take, limit, control, or even ban your site or content for any of a thousand different reasons. They’ve done it many times before, and there is nothing to prevent them from doing it again.

SEO and Web Design

Okay, before you all jump to disagree with the SEO internet marketing agency that is saying website design is the most important aspect of internet marketing, let me explain.

For most of our clients, results do not mean traffic. Results don’t mean great visibility and search engine placement. It doesn’t even mean leads, form submissions or phone calls. Not at all. Pure and simple, results means sales. Money. Revenue and profit. And from that standpoint, a website design that understands user behavior and psychology are essential.

To make a counter-example, imagine this. You have an amazing, life-changing product that fulfills a real need. Moreover, customers have a history of buying at your price point. You also have great reviews on Google+, Facebook, and Yelp. You’ve got an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, are certified in your industry, and even won an award for how awesome your product is. Best of all, your product is endorsed by a major celebrity or superstar. Plus, your website ranks #1 for your top 5 keyword search terms.

Without an effective website design, however, your users will never know any of this because these are all core characteristics of a great website design.

12 Core Elements of a Great Website Design

  1. Engaging Logo

    A great website design begins with a company logo targeted to create trust and authority in your target demographic. The current standard is on the top left corner because this is how we read; from left to right ad top to bottom.

  2. Prominent Title

    What pain point does your product or service address? Does it solve a problem? Which words does your target audience use to talk about it? Most likely, it is this pain-point or problem that inspired them to go searching through the internet in the first place. Acknowledging and addressing it prominently in your site’s title or subtitle will reassure your visitor that they are in the right place.

  3. Navigation

    Your site’s navigation menu should be easy-to-read, easy-to-use, and contribute to explaining the purpose and identity of your brand, product, service or business. Remember, less is more. So don’t clutter the page with links to supporting information. You can best funnel your traffic to where you want it to go by eliminating supporting links.

  4. Avoid Site Leaks

    When someone ‘leaks’ out of your site, it means that they have left your website to another website to a link you gave them. This could be YouTube, a supporting article, or anything really. Avoid these links whenever possible regarding pages that are part of your direct sales funnel. Please note, however, that social links are encouraged when they lead directly to pages that contain your branding and messaging but are best hidden ‘below the fold’ or in the footer. Realistically, social icons are best used to build social trust. The links need to work, but they are not an effective ‘call to action’.

  5. Trust Symbols

    No matter what your industry, be sure to include trust symbols in your website design. These are small icons that let users know that you offer a secure checkout process, accept major payment types, are fully accredited by an authorizing organization, offer a money back guarantee, and so on. These are supporting pieces that need to be visible, but not prominent. Using them builds credibility, authority, and trust.

  6. Phone Number

    Whether or not you are in an industry that relies on a phone number, including one prominently into your website design will add an enormous amount of trust on your website. Even if the customer never needs to even pick up the phone, simply showing a number lets them know that you are just a call away to help serve them. Our data shows that a top right position is often the most effective placement.

  7. Targeted Keyword Content

    Yes, content is a part of almost every great website design and internet marketing campaign. Where does the content go, how easy is it to read, and what words does it contain, are all major considerations. We focus on content that balances two major issues. Content that inspires action in users, and content that lets search engine spiders and bots know what the website is about.

  8. Testimonials

    Don’t make your potential clients have to hunt down your client reviews. Instead, display excerpts on relevant pages throughout your website. If you want your user to take a certain action, show them a review of a satisfied customer that took that same action.

  9. Endorsements

    If a significant person, brand or authority endorses you, put that info front and center. The name recognition, as well as the fact that it is endorsed at all, will continue building that trust in your company.

  10. Forms

    If your website design is about driving action, and your biggest call to action is to submit your name, email and phone number, then include the form front and center. Well, not completely center, either to the left or right will do. Using ‘sidebar forms’ are key to generating leads. What if your page is too long to make the sidebar form effective? Don’t despair, just add another copy of the same form at the bottom of the page, or drop an ‘anchor’ to bring them back to the top of the form.

  11. Avoid Motion

    Yes, I said that too. Motion might be all the rage in some internet marketing companies, but it’s too distracting for the primitive survival part of our brain. Humans are designed to sense and track motion. This means that instead of reading the message or following the CTA, we get distracted by the motion, no matter how small, so please avoid this trend of using motion to create a ‘beautiful website’. If you must have motion, by all means, embed your own, short, explanatory YouTube video. The video content will help generate better on-page performance, which encourages Google to boost your page higher in the search results. So, promotional videos good. Motion bad.

  12. Buttons

    Last but not least, when it comes to your main ‘call to action’, use buttons instead of text links. Some of our favorite website design phrases are ‘keep it simple stupid’ and ‘don’t make me think’. Buttons outperform text time and again. Besides, who doesn’t love pushing buttons? Worried about button color? Follow these quick rules: use contrasting colors that stand out from your website design, but always avoid ‘stop’ colors like red.

Drinking from the Internet Marketing Fire Hose

Understanding the core elements of a great website design can be a bit like drinking from a fire hose the first time around. The more you know, however, the easier it is to understand where it fits within your overall internet marketing strategy. Before long you’ll be finding additional opportunities and exceptions for each specific industry. For example, when to use and when not to use homepage ‘sliders’. When to use a ‘gallery’ navigation. Or how to best arrange your services.

Do You Have a Good Website Design?

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