Getting Around The Facebook Ad Ban: A Cannabis Marketer’s Guide

By Matt Bertram

By Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is Head of Digital Strategy at EWR Digital. He is a nationally recognized expert in SEO and the Co-Host of the top rated SEO Podcast, "The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing." Author of Build Your Brand Mania: How to Transform Yourself Into an Authoritative Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal Customers with contributing articles in Forbes, Search Engine Journal and numerous other publications pertaining to digital marketing.

Facebook seems like the perfect place for any marijuana company to find brand new customers and to reach a wider audience. Unfortunately, the platform’s restrictions on ads for marijuana marketing means that cannabis businesses face challenges in this area. The good news, however, is that there are a number of hacks out there which you can use to get around Facebook’s ad ban.

While some companies are giving payments to influencers so that they will spread positive reports about their edibles, CBD/CBD oil or THC products, others are directly working with publishers, using their social credibility. Read on to learn why Facebook ad ban doesn’t have to kill your business’ marijuana marketing strategy.

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The Social Media Problem

Some marijuana companies have faced retaliation when trying to advertise on Facebook thanks to the ad ban. Social media profiles have been repeatedly shut down due to product-focused marijuana marketing. This can be a disaster for brands who lose followers every time. It can truly hurt your brand. This is why it’s so important to be careful when marketing.

Approaches such as having private profiles, avoiding listing prices or making sure that products cannot be directly ordered from social media pages don’t work in the long run. Therefore, finding other ways to get around the marijuana marketing problem is essential.

Top edibles producers are now using influencers 32% more than they were last year.

The Power of the Influencer

Influencers are becoming more important in marijuana marketing. Top edibles producers are now using influencers 32% more than they were last year, and this is just one sign of the potential of this marketing channel. When an influencer spreads the word about your product, your brand name becomes better known and your site climbs ever-higher in search engine rankings.

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Branded Content

Another effective marijuana marketing strategy is to work closely with publishers on your own branded content. This can then be shared on social media, as the content is not purely promotional but editorial instead. The branded content can then be posted on accounts with lots of followers, boosting the profile of your brand.

This even works on Facebook, one of the most challenging platforms for marijuana businesses.

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Getting the Wording Right: The Importance of Testing

One way some cannabis brands are harnessing the power of social is by adjusting the words used so that they slide under the radar of the eagle-eyed Facebook teams. Setting up a second profile which enables you to test advertising content is the key to success here. If you test using your company’s own social media page it could be shut down and cause problems. Don’t take that risk.

Generic content is more likely to pass the test. Craft content that appeals to marijuana consumers, but that doesn’t explicity offer cannabis for purchase. That’s the optimal approach.

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Targeting cannabis consumers and branding to them is permitted, but soliciting their business is prohibited. You need to walk that fine line if you want to successfully use Facebook and other social media sites to your advantage. In the end, you should get professionals to help you.

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